Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Content?..

Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Content?..

Pic-04152013-003That is a good question.. I did a post at jayeironsempowerdmind.com (I.M. Strategic) called Google Transparency Report “What I Think”, and that was about content censorship (Blocking Content From The Public).

The internet itself has become very powerful over some time now, and you have to stop and think about the government likes to keep citizens ignorant of valuable information that is out there and that can be very useful to us. Social medias like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are just pawns of the Government.. 

They are just a few of the information sites that are controlled and told what is to be shown. You see it’s ironic people think when Google censors their content, or if it happens on another social media plateau they start to think to themselves saying “Why are they blocking my content?”

Now I’m not an expert on this topic is just my opinion but, I going to take a stab in the dark on this one and say it’s just plain fear.

The Government constantly watches us, whether we go out and buy groceries, or go to withdraw some money out of the bank, or if you just get on your cell phone (Particularly Smart Phones LOL) just to say hi to a friend, we are watched.

How? The answer is right in front of you. Information.. That’s how, technology is linked through data, and data can come from any electrical source that deals with the internet. So swiping a credit card, that ‘s information and you can bet your bottom dollar that information is stored somewhere and the government knows about it.

Pic-04152013-004Now someone had said in a comment, “Why do Countries censor peoples’ content”. 

Well any Governing establishment of any country, might not want just anyone of that country to have access to information that they feel should not be seen by the public.. That’s just a given right off, they feel that some things should just be kept under wraps..

Roswell is a great example of that (Area 51), who really knows what was discovered there back in the late 40’s. And you definitely know that any personnel that was dealing with the military on that matter was told to keep tight lips about anything that went down on that famous mysterious experimental base.

LOL they know if people see anything that is not of the ordinary, it would cause mass-panic because simply most people just fear what they can’t understand.

Another example is tax hikes, do you really think the government will tell you exactly why tax hikes are necessary? LOL.

They might give some explanations to a few reasons, but other information is to be monetized and kept away from us because they feel we don’t need to know too much else. And let’s not even get started on the Banks that we entrust our money with, because yea the Government and the Banks are in bed together believe that haha.

So like I’m blogging this subject out to you now, it is a topic that sparks awareness to the masses out there.. You starting to see the picture? And that is enough to put a scare into the Government, because they don’t want you and me to throw in questions of why is this, or why is that, LOL they feel uncomfortable about us thinking on that level.

They rather you fear them, and they want to keep us in check. And take, take, TAKE, from you and me..

And that goes for any other country out there, especially Iran because those people are so opposed and controlled it’s not even f**king funny, or North Korea that was a country that has seen a lot of bad days in it’s past. But now all of a sudden you have this leader of that country trying to make some noise with his missile program and launch capabilities.

And I guess that’s to show some ‘flex of power’ of some sorts, but the thing is the citizens act like they are a powerful nation because of that all of a sudden.. But really who is in control on the front in North Korea? Is it the citizens?.. Or the Dictator?… You know the answer to that one, so Alex Trebek probably put that up for the top $1 million dollar jeopardy question..

Well just wanted to throw that into some much deserved light and, exercise the noggin on the topic discussion. Bye for now..

(Video Credit: SergeantPepper99)

Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Content?..

(by: Jaye Irons)

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