LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..


Pic-04162013-002I was thinking what the f**k right off, this one was just straight up hilarious to the ” T “ about what Audrey Plaza tried to pull at the MTV awards this past Sunday.

First off this stunt was not “rehearsed”, just to get that out-of-the-way. Audrey Plaza for some reason if this was her idea of a joke, did not make any friends in the process of doing the one thing at an award event that a celebrity star should not attempt to try.

And that is to steal the award that is intended for the actually celebrity star that fairly earned the trophy. This girl did just that!! She went up on stage, as Will Ferrell was holding the award in his hand and tried to steal the award from him. Reminiscence of Kanye West as everyone remembers him interrupting Taylor Swift’s moment for an award in the spotlight.

But why in the world would Plaza try to runaway with his “Comedic Genius” award, only God and she knows.. 

The general story goes like this..

Ferrell was on the stage, thanking everyone for support of him in his “Comical Career” thus so far.

And it is only fitting that he be rewarded for his hard work as an actor, portraying various roles in movies that he has done (Semi-Pro” & ” The Other Guys  Was So Pic-04162013-003Damn Funny, I  Cried Tears Of Laughter Out Of My Ears  Those Movies Were Great!).

That’s when Plaza did her thing and butted in on Ferrell’s “Spotlight Time”, she then made a move for the trophy in a quite manner while she held her drink in her hand. Then she did the ultimate don’t-do-that-thing, she played as if she was going to steal the trophy out of his hands. 

After she did that, she then walked off the stage, and in the process she dropped her drink on the way back to her seat.. Haha.

After all that had went down, security then came for Audrey and kicked her out of  the award ceremony that was broadcasted on MTV.

Now the thing is Plaza, has a movie that is coming out soon.. And it is called The To Do List“, matter of fact when she plotted what seemed to be a ‘acted script’ to jokingly go for Ferrell’s award it wasn’t. Plus the words “To Do List”, was painted across her chest while she preformed the stunt..

This obviously was an attention-getting scheme she probably planned, to give notice to her upcoming movie I’m thinking.. Plus it was suggested that she was drunk off her ass as well LOL, as she did all of this in front of millions of onlookers.

Ferrell himself probably was thinking, “Damn I’ve just being “Kanye Wested” by Audrey Plaza oh my God!! “What is the world coming to!” Haha.

Maybe so, maybe not. But got to give it to the girl she got balls for following her motto of the “To do list” thing.

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Will Ferrell For Award..

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then & (this is my motto: not Audrey’s LOL) Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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