David Bowie’s ..Fame..

David Bowie’s ..Fame..

Pic-04182013-002David Bowie was always an interesting musical performer, from what I heard of his songs, they came off unique in sound and was often what you would call “ahead of it’s time” in terms of retro-music. Bowie did a few songs back in the mid to late 70’s, then he came back with a few in the 80’s. And even after 20 year run he did a short run into the early 90’s.

Now most people who seen David Bowie videos would think he is a little out there or (Different) because of the way he would do them, but that was his style that’s he brought in front of the camera. And die-hard fans would love it, because it was David Bowie doing what he does best and that was being himself on stage or in front or a televised audience.

But it was a little history that also goes with Bowie and I didn’t know this but his most popular song I think which is called “Fame”, was damn unique. So of that has to do with John Lennon that’s right you heard it from the horse’s mouth Lennon did lend a voice (I Think Background Vocal For Lennon, Bowie Sang The Lead Vocal Of The Track) to that famous track called “Fame”.

Now at the time Bowie was bind to a contract with his manager Tony Defries, But Bowie would break loose form the contract and go on to different ventures in the music business.

He went to New York and was staying there for a while, then one day he meets John Lennon. They exchanged musical talents between each other, playing songs and throwing in different spins of ideals to make a brand style of music.

In the mists of that, they came across the ideal of putting the song “Fame” together. So basically if it wasn’t for Lennon getting involved with the production of that song, it probably would have never been made.

Pic-04182013-003The song was also an ideal that caught the attention of a another guitarist by the name of Carlos Alomar, and the title of the song came from Lennon.

Lennon hashed out ideals that he had in conversations with Bowie, had formed various lyrics for songs that were produced likeYoung Americans“, which was added to the roster along with “Fame”.

I’m thinking as well as the songs “Golden Years”, “”Right”, andSpace Oddity” might have been apart of the record as well, because after all they were made the same year.

And when I hear “Space Oddity” as a title of one of his songs, I start thinking about the movie by  Stanley Kubrick 2001 a Space Odyssey“. And yea it is referenced to the movie now that I think about it, because someone did tell me about it a long time ago after the movie was made the year before Bowie did the song.

Bowie is pretty talented as a musician coming up with some pretty interesting material for his songs that he did, there is a list of songs that are mentioned under this sentence and I will put in some videos so you can see & hear some of his tracks.. Enjoy.

  • Ashes to Ashes
  • “Under Pressure”
  • “Let’s Dance”
  • “Starman”

(Video Credit: Allan Mardle)

(Video Credit: cutelisha)

David Bowie’s ..Fame..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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