“3-Way Slice”: Bombing Suspects Pursued / “Pregnant Rihanna”? / McCartney’s Message…

 “Bombing Suspects Pursued One Killed”


Pic-04192013-002The FBI have finally discovered that it was two individuals wearing  baseball caps, that fit the match to the horrific events that had taken place Monday during the Boston Marathon running event.

And just like everybody should know by now, that if you do anything out in public like what these guys had done, you most likely will be caught somewhere down the line.

Reason being is.. Surveillance cameras, the two were discovered and made out in that manner yesterday Thursday so authorities now are even turning to the citizens of Waterton to help catch the last individual that is still on the loose.

The suspects were tracked down at a seven-eleven food mart by authorities, but before getting into a chaotic chase with the police they had robbed the convince store. And the topper they even killed a police officer by shooting him to death..

This is where things just got really crazy, because as the Police were chasing these guys by vehicle and that’s where one of the suspect started to hurl live explosives out of the window of their vehicle at the authorities.

And again resident owners, shops, and other establishments were told to close for the time being until the manhunt had being lifted for the city of Boston.

After a few hours of the vents that transpired this past Monday, was when the manhunt had taken effect for the two men.

The two individuals had used a detonating device that set off the explosives  at the finish line, which was the cause of the three people dying and over 170 injured.

The two mad bombers had some military training in their background, this reminds me of a character from the “Metal Gear” game series called the “Fat Bomber”. And like these two fools he was just hell-bent on blowing stuff up and anybody who just so happens to be in that designated area.

And in the process Bomber kills his mentor that taught him how to create various explosive devices and he also had extensive military training. And Bomber’s motive was twisted, in his sick mind he taught what he was doing was like a ‘modern-day masterpiece‘.

We even saw what Christopher Dorlan did, also with military training and using countless tactics to go on a revenge murder spree which eventually brought him to his end by his own hand.

The two bombers of the ‘Boston Massacre’ were brothers, and they both were in their early 20’s. One witness that is a resident of Waterton said that he saw a fire fight between the cops and the two men shooting it out. And the gun fight was drawn out over a period of time, and another thing was noted by the bystander he said the bombers had what looked to be a “pressure-cooker bomb device.”

And they killed a police officer by shooting him in the head, and stole his cruiser vehicle that I mention earlier after they approached the officer by the Massachusetts Institutes of Technology.

And doing the chase they also injured a transit police officer as he was shot in pursuit of the two men. But so far the one suspect wearing black shades and black cap is dead and gone.

But authorities push hard to try to get his brother that is still on the loose he was seen wearing the backwards turned white cap.

(Video Credit: terryrodcrz)


“Pregnant Rihanna”?


Pic-04192013-004So the rumor in “Celeb-town” is Rihanna being pregnant, and of course this will drag Chris Brown into the picture right off. So the last itme that you heard about the two celebrities is that they were back together as a couple, but the thing that got the whole rumor started aobut the pregnancy was when Rihanan had decided to cancel her Monday concert event that she going to perform out in Houston,TX.

Rihanna was repoted to be filling ill and she decided to pass on the scheduled event. Matter of fact she has cancelled her last four events, which was entry to her “Diamonds World Tour“.

Then Tuesday Rihanna was seen leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills, Cailf.,

But her visit was not fully comfirming that she was pregnant, instead she went to see the doctor due to a throat infection.

The tabloid stories of course we all know are half-truths sometimes, were really on this story hard. But it’s not one-hundred percent yet proven that she is pregnant, and the way it looks so far the whole story just looks drummed up for show by the tabloid media.

But Rihanna did say that she is looking forward to having a kid in the future, and she does love doing tour events.

So as of she is focused on establishing health and happiness in a 5-year target time.

As of now she has been hanging out with Chris Brown, as they have been spotted ‘crusin’ as of late riding through parts of California..

(Video Credit: stereotude)

McCartney’s Message..


Pic-04192013-005Yoko Ono had become an gun-control activist after the death of her husband John Lennon that happened over 30 years ago now. Lennon was shot by a crazed fan and very twisted individual by the name of Mark Chapman, and up until this date Chapman still remains behind bars as he was denied parole numerous times  for his crime.

But Paul McCartney has taken  stand to join the fight for gun control himself, he has had enough of the senseless violence in the U.S. as of late. McCartney decided what better way to give support to the cause, by making a recording of his voice (via) message… the organization that his voice goes to is (Voices Against Violence).


The campaign was started by the legendary icon Tony Bennett and his son, to convince people to rise up and suggest to “Congress”, to stiffen the gun laws.

Now as of late, some americans and gun shop owners have been left seeing red because of the push for the new laws.. 

Gun retailer and manufactures giants like “Rugar & Sturm” are being pressured because of the new laws that could basically shut them down for good.


And doesn’t get better from there, enormous demands of ammunition by the consumers have been getting out of control. And that is because of the price tag that goes with purchasing it now, so that is the reason gun lovers or people who own them for strictly protection are going after mass amounts of ammo.

Because the way they see it, if the laws are passed and the hike on the purchase of ammo sky-rockets, like everything else (Beer, Cigarettes, Bottled Water, Gas, Who Knows Air Might Be Next LOL Anybody Have A Sh*t Load Of Oxygen Tanks With Breathing Apparatus Holla Back Will Ya?) well then yea this should not be nothing that anyone wouldn’t expect to happen.

Congress of as now probably are just twitching their thumbs, as it will sooner or later come down to making a decision on the new gun laws. 

While that is all going down, another Actor Jim Carrey has a different idealism toward the whole subject of “gun law talk”. Carrey believes that this whole situation of the gun law push is being what you would call “forced’ upon the gun factions (companies) in America. 

He even went as far as to say that it is plain bullying, that is being applied to give the gun laws backing and strength to made real and established fully.

So he’s basically saying that if Congress was to force the laws upon different manufactures or gun shops alike, they might be compared to Captain Picard on “Star Trek The Next Generation” when giving an order he always use his power line phrase… “MAKE IT SO”…


In Mount Vernon, New York gun shop owners there really hating the fact that Governor Andrew Cuomo will push for gun laws there to take effect. And the end result to that will just put the gun shops out of business quick.

And some of the laws that are tightened like a rusty screw cover on a jar are mainly focused on assault weapons, the ammo for them will be reduced which will cut the allowed amount of bullets in a magazine clip from the standard 10 to 7 in a magazine cartridge.

LOL that would bring tears to the eyes of “John Rambo” (Rambo), especially if he was in a firefight and he depends on the extra 2 or 3 to be in the chamber. “Click”, “click”, WTF?? (Rambo’s Outlook On It Haha)..

Pic-04192013-006 (Sh*t I ran dry.. I was sure it had 3 more in there…)

One employee at a gun shop said that: “It is complicated and along with new federal laws will possibly play in, they say no one’s quite sure what will be legal and what won’t…

Yea that is a point, deciding  on which way Congress will lean with the gun laws, I just know that a lot of gun fanatics are crying their eyeballs out of the sockets or probably banging their heads against their gun rack displays.. And sooner or later the new laws will be passed down, we just have to wait and see what the verdict will be..

(Video Credit: nycresistance)

“3-Way Slice”: Bombing Suspects Pursued / “Pregnant Rihanna”? / McCartney’s Message…

(By: Jaye Irons)

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