Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..

Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..


Pic-04212013-001Despite that tough week that the President has been subjected to, dealing with various political business that lies at hand, to the situations that went down during the 26 mile-run marathon event that turned deadly, and even a plant explosion that happened as well. And it called for his attention seemingly all at once.


But he is still standing, as well as the citizens of  Watertown after they endured no doubt one of the most terrifying moments in the history of terrorism, that some people started to scream out this is yet another random attack from al-Qaeda forces  or Muslims.


But like Obama said, “Don’t jump to conclusions before we have all of the facts.” He was right, because this attack happened in our own backyard, which was all the more horrific when you sit and think about it..

But it didn’t bring down the spirits of  Watertown residents because when the last suspect was caught, they busted out the confetti and partied very hard! 🙂

I sit back and think there are so many problems in the world either here or somewhere else. Sometimes we just need a break from the madness. People will kick back sometimes and just live life and not worry from one moment to the next, and the next.

Life wasn’t meant to be lived that way to always worry, or always fear what will happen tomorrow it’s the old saying that beckons in our minds telling us to just.. “Live For today.”

God didn’t intend for you to worry about your future while we are here amongst the living, that’s his job not ours. Just live your life day-to-day that’s all you need to be concerned about.

Down in Texas Obama also had to deal with the situation of a fertilization plant explosion out in the western part of Texas, so yea he had more than a handful of situations to respond to.. kinda like somebody dropping a needle in a haystack and then turning around trying to find it…

Now the fesitivities that were laid out by the residents of  Watertown, was in old style fashion. You could compare it to how New Years’ how it normally would get underway and with all of the flags waving you could combine that with Independence Day (And No There Wasn’t Any Alien Attacks LOL).

And that was with gunfire LOL, yea some people did blasted off a few shots with guns and I’m sure it was just to show relief that the whole ordeal had passed on and things was back to normal.

After the early gun & fire works show haha, came a lot of cheers..

But there were some question that were left unanswered, and that was what exactly was the Tsarnaev brothers hoping to gain from this violent terrorist attack?

That so far goes unknown..

I’m gonna put in a video if I can find it or a link to the movie “Rampage”, most people might have seen this movie, but it is a similar situation of a terrorist attack done by one citizen in a town. And the guy had everything planned out down to the last denominator, he was pretty damn smart and he planned out his attack in advance.

And the kicker, he got away with everything never getting caught by the police or FBI..

That movie was what I would say, a scenario that many citizens of towns in this country SHOULD WATCH!





Pic-04212013-002Oh yea as for the 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  that is still alive and kicking, he now has to face the full weight of justice that Obama promised in his statements earlier when the tragedy first took place..


But things are looking up for the residents of  Watertown, and hopefully things will run smooth here on out during the ‘super surprise party’ they have thrown that is much deserved for them..




Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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