Federal Way Complex Shooting (Seattle)

Federal Way Suburb Shooting (Seattle)

Pic-04222013-004Things got really hairy when the Police arrived at an apartment  complex (Federal Way Apartment Complex)  not far from Seattle, Washington. And within a short few moments three people were killed (Two Were Found Later In A Nearby Apartment) in an encounter with the Police. Officers were alerted about the complex after an apparent break out of gun blasts, that was reported around 9:30 p.m. Sunday night.

When they did get there, the officers were already in the midst of a firefight and they spotted two men of the ground wounded at the scene.

The officers then tried to assist the injured men on the ground, until one of them decided to make a move for his firearm and then the officers had no choice but to react with deadly force.

Both men were dead at the scene, plus another man confirmed dead as well in the parking lot. A man and a woman was also reported dead after they were discovered in a nearby apartment.

Spokeswoman Cathy Schrock released statements saying in detailed provision of what happened last night:

Schrock: “So at about 9:30 this evening, officers where call to this location for this shooting. When officers arrived there were shots still being fired and they could hear it , when they arrived they saw two men down in the parking lot of the complex. 

They attempted to do a rescue / recovery of those two men, and as the officer approached one of the two men reach for a weapon and when that happened Federal Way officers then fired upon that man. And he was deceased as well as two others in the parking lot, and further we have found another deceased male  in an apartment close by. As well as an adult female in another location, inside the apartment.”

“we’re still at 5 victims, and what we wanna let you know is that we have the Valley investigation team we is a team made up of  south Canadian law enforcement agencies.

They’re responding to do “officer involved,” shooing investigation.. So they’re now on the scene, we also wanted to confirm that Federal Way police had a total of  8 officers that we’ve identified that fired their weapons at the time of the shootings. So those 8 officers have been placed on paid administrative leave, as the “first standard policy.”

Again we still don’t have any ideal of what started this disturbance tonight, but I have been told that have been witnesses identified here at the apartment complex. And we working through the Valley investigation team, to get them all interviewed and try to find out what started all this today.”  – end quote.

Federal Way Complex Shooting (Seattle)

(By: Jaye Irons)


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