White House Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter?

White House Bomb Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter?

Pic-04232013-001More threats on the U.S. front it seems, from the Boston Marathon bomb scare last Monday, to the White House that has seemingly been threatened falsely through the favorite social media everybody knows and love “Twitter”. 

Now I have to say after this day here on out, Facebook will be taking an official backseat to Twitter due to all of the ruckus that went on earlier.

There was a false report of the White House coming under a bomb attack, and a false reported statement that Barack Obama was downed from an explosion. 

Now judging from all of the crazy that has been running around like a fever blistering through skin pores, and floating through the air to infect the innocent in it’s midst LOL. I started to notice something as of late..

What would you say if I think  there is a secret faction that lurks in the mist whether it involves politics, society, governments, congress, hell at this point why not even throw in the secret flavor ingredient that gives a ‘BK whopper’ that mind suckering, come and get another if you will taste to it that will lead us into an early grave no doubt (Yea They Are Good But Too Many Will Be The End Of You)  😦

Yea see we all know that there are forces out in the world that are bent on seeing us expire or target others who are in a high seat of power–Enter The President–.

It’s of no coincidence, but at the same time you have to admit the timing of a ‘false bomb attack’ at the White House does bring out questions like these..

One should wonder what will 2014 bring us?..

Where will America go next at that time?..

I just start thinking about the post I did a while back “Prophecies of the Times… UFO viewpoints and Deception”which talks about the trying times, the utter chaos that we will face, the dysfunction of the American family, Poverty, Hopelessness, oh yea and the frosting on the birthday cake with extra Cool Whip— the UFO’s–.

(Now My Sister Is Very Skeptical, She Has To Have Proof Before She Believes Anything She Sees.

She Did Mention An UFO That Appeared While She Lived In Tacoma, Washington,  And The Look On Her Face When She Told Me That Story And My Brother-In-Law Also Attesting To What Took Place In Front Of Their Very Eyes– Right Then And There Was Enough To Know She Wasn’t F**king Joking Around.

She Said Everybody That Saw It Didn’t Know Whether To Run Or Just Freeze Up Petrified With Fear..)

Pic-04232013-002But that’s a story I will have to ask her more about in the future, but the point is all of the commotion that is going on LOL, is spreading like a virus..

I think that President Obama may be getting the unwanted attention drawn to him, and that can be said of anybody who has the power to lead and make powerful decisions that can change the shape of this country or someone else in power of another country.

Look at Queen Elizabeth, a  very super powerful individual, having A lot of dam power to wield at her fingertips.. 

I’m sure she has seen days where rumors might have been surface by people who do not ‘approve’ of her in the slightest. But hey the woman gets up every morning and does what she will continue to do as long as she as the ability to do.. And that is to rule a country, and rule of the citizens in that country.

What she says goes plain and simple. LOL the lady can even denounce the damn Government, man she has too much power haha..

So with that in mind comes greater responsibility.. And she is being watched, just because she does have that type of power, it exploits her under the spotlight at all times I’m sure. So she must tread carefully, because she could be removed if she abuses her position of power or she could be targeted by someone who is working in the shadows to opted her out of that position if they feel so inclined to do so..

And every great Leader or President of any country or seat of power, that has every existed knows what I’m talking about I’m pretty sure..

Columbus said it aboard his ship looking for new land to his crew when they were about to pull the ‘mutiny aboard the ship’ trump card on him out of fear that they would sail off the end of the Earth in literal fashion.  Haha that’s rich.. 

So to wrap this up in a nutshell, someone is aiming their sights at Obama I think, I can’t see no other explanation really of the phony bomb threat to the White House even though someone cleverly hacked a tweet and altered it on the Twitter.

But I do remember another interesting group, that did mention some of the stuff that is yet so controversial as of now so watch the video below…

White House Bomb Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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