Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..

Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..


Pic-04242013-004The iconic line that bought forth an iconic wrestler, that has been in the game of the professional sport since his appearance in the franchise back in the 90’s. Had to undergo some surgery, due to tearing in his abdomen that occurred in his match-up at the eventWrestlemania 29 against opponent John Cena.

Johnson was to attend the premiere of his latest movie “Pain & Gain.” but he is in the hospital as of now, and is scheduled for surgery next week.

Now I gotta say to all the people who think that wrestling superstars don’t take real injuries in the sport that they are in, LOL trust me they do. Why I say that your thinking?.. Simple. I use to do it myself for a short period of time, and after thinking about where the journey might take me LOL (Doctor Bills With No Insurance) I backed away after half-a-year.

And yea while I was there, I did have a few injuries nothing like Johnson’s but I did almost break my back twice while I was there in the summer-camp “Fantasy Wrestling Training Fun” at WCPW (Windy City Professional Wrestling) back in 1999.

Wrestling stars catch a lot of criticism indeed, for the over-the-top acts they pull off to sell it to the crowd.

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), has to be the most controversial wrestling production franchise, to ever be broadcasted into the millions of homes of wrestling fans back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Pic-04242013-006They are insane LOL yea true, but the action that you would see at an ECW event.. Was priceless. 

And that was because of the title that ECW wore being the ‘extreme’ brand of wrestling that would make anybody’s grandmother just get up and run over to the whiskey bucket and just straight hurl from all the ripped flesh or blood that would appear during a match. (People Don’t Realize That Some Of That Was Actually Real!! Just Ask “Cactus Jack” about it when he was there doing his famous “Bob Wire” matches haha).

I guess that’s why the WWE ran by the infamous Vincent K. McMahon, wanted to upstage and buy out the competition that was ECW & yea you can throw in WCW (World Championship Wrestling). And he cleverly integrated them into the inferior structure adding to the roster of WWE.

Now wrestlers like “The Rock”, Stone “Cold” Steve Austin, “The Undertaker”, Perry Saturn, etc.. etc.. Would bring the fun to the t.v. screen and in the arena that millions would cheer on or boo which ever category that the wrestler falls under being the bad guy or good guy.

And even though it has changed dramatically the face of wresting today, it stills holds a basic concept to it..


And that concept is that the sh*t is just fun to watch, whether most of it is fake or not it really doesn’t hold any regard to the notion. 

But gonna show you a little of what a typical night at ECW (It’s Was My Favorite Wresting Organization), would bring to your t.v. sets during a pay-per-view event enjoy..

Oh yea don’t worry “Rock” will be back, better than ever and will still have something for you to smell and that’s whatever he decides to cook haha..


(Video Credit: Bollikoh)



Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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