KRS-ONE: “The Return Of Boom Bap”

KRS-ONE: “The Return Of Boom Bap”


Pic-04252013-007Some people my think that, KRS-ONE was actually a name that Lawrence Parker claimed as his very own.. In truth most people who really don’t know the meaning behind it, and some might stand to be a little unenlightened. 

KRS-ONE means (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), pretty slick indeed.. And that was just how Parker would portray himself, and he would always push that image whenever he would talk amongst others around him giving sound advice to the things he had experienced in his life.

But the real thing that he used to attract the attention of  devoted followers that listen to his music, was just that itself..

His ideals and thoughts would be expressed through his talents in his music, and at the height of his rap career as a performing artist. He was without a doubt one of the best choreographers of his time.


Parker On A Mission


Pic-04252013-008So it all started off when Parker had left home at the young age of 14, he decided to go to the South Bronx area in New York and basically check himself into a shelter home..

Now why would he do such a thing most people are probably thinking right away, well like the “Blues Brothers”  Parker was on a mission.. And that mission was to become a “MC”, now your saying what the hell is an “MC”? An “MC” is a like a title, a rap performing artist if you will.

So guys like MC Hammeror I remember this one artist a girl named MC Lyte, but anyway you slice it the title is closely identified with the hip-hop music industry. 

Now while Parker was at the shelter he meet a youth counselor named Scott Sterling, Sterling saw a lot of talent promise in Parker and decided to aid him in his quest to become a performing artist.

So Sterling (DJ Scott La Rock) teamed up with Parker and they formed “BDP” (Boogie Down Productions), and in the midst of that they put together their first album called “Criminal Minded”

At this time he went under the stage name “KRS-ONE” and started recording tracks with Scott La Rock & Derrick “D-Nice” Jones.

He and La Rock met Jones at the “Bronx Franklin Avenue Armory Shelter, all the while Sterling was like a double agent because again he was also working as a counselor and taking part helping Parker and Jones establish BDP.

The first chance that KRS would try to promote his music at a radio station that was DJ’ed by Mr. Magic and Marley Marl, and had got rejected by them.. And knowing how KRS-One is LOL, he decided to get a little revenge by dissing (By Using His Words In Music) the two and anyone else associated with them and that led up to the “Bridge Wars“.

You can think of that as starting what was called back then and was highly popular as “Rap Battling“, that would take place against two hip-hop artists that represent their group from which they are associated with. In this case it was KRS-ONE against MC Shan, Shan was an associate of Mr. Magic & Marley Marl.

KRS-One had decided to throw out his arsenal in the song called “South Bronx”, that represented BDP.

MC Shan then came back with “Kill That Noise” and another arsenal rap song called “The Bridge Is Over”. KRS-ONE also known for his multiple stage names, like “The Blastmaster”  and he did just that coming back and blasting MC Shan out of the rap battle all together. And from there formed a tradition of how rappers would settle their discrepancies, they would diss each other out on the microphone using their rap musical talents..

From there KRS-ONE went on with La Rock & “D-Nice”, until La Rock was killed in a dispute trying to resolve an issue between “D-Nice” of  BDP, a teenager, and a group of local hoodlums.

Pic-04252013-014Now that La Rock was gone, it didn’t stop KRS-One from moving BDP forward and he went on to establish more music. This would lead up to one of his songs called “By All Means Necessary”, which came out in the late 80’s.

He then later would marry Ramona “Ms. Melodie” Parker, which was from 88′-92′. 

Parker also had a younger brother (DJ Kenny Parker), that was also associated with BDP, but the show would still run under the guise of KRS-ONE.

It gets to a point where Parker started doing his own music alone (Solo), and did tracks that he would self promote.

“The Return of Boom Bap”,  was introduced by him in the early 90’s and that was when I myself really started to even hear about this guy LOL.

And I hear a few of his tracks, and they were good.

He uses a lot of logic-sense content that can be related to various situations.

Some of the tracks was just way-out-there, like “I’ma Blunt Gettin Smoked And I Can’t Wake Up!!”.

The guy is pretty cool, and clearly understands his craft well, able to tell his opinions through music.

But I’m going to put the “I’ma Blunt Gettin Smoked And I Can’t Wake Up!!” track in the video below.. Later.


(Video Credit: ganstawar93)




KRS-ONE: “The Return Of Boom Bap”


(By: Jaye Irons)


Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!


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