Nickels Worth Over 3 Mil Go To The Auction!..

Nickels Worth Over 3 Mil Go To The Auction!..


ThumbnailFive cent coins from the early 1910’s is causing some serious attention, and that is because this coin is rare and there are a few of it’s kind. The coins are reported to be wroth up to $3.1 million in value. But there is a story behind the relic coins, whoever made the coins back then had done so on purpose.

In other words the main thing that makes the coins so valuable, is because they were not supposed to even have been produced in the first place.

I guess back then, things were more “loose-leaf” when money goes through the process of being manufactured. And let’s face it, back in the 30’s when “The Great Depression” reared it’s ugly head some people who probably was very fortunate to have a job printing money, might have had a little secret “tricks up their sleeve” if you will to gain a little extra off of a cut of freshly green stack paper or in this case coins.

And it was suggested that whoever did produce them, might have had a “contingency plan”, to sneak them in the pockets without any notice and bring home a little extra something for the Misses or the kiddies haha.

But 5 of these coins are said to be known so far, and it could be a speculated sixth coin out in the world as well but that still has yet to be confirmed..

Now I said that some of these coins could go for, the price value of about $3.1 mil, but if it is a “Liberty Head” 1913 coin (Antique) then that will drastically change that from 3.1 million to $5 million!

Yea it does sound a little crazy, a little coin like that worth all that value.

Pic-04272013-001That would even make George Washington’s “wooden teeth” turn gold stained yellow with excitement yea? LOL.. And who could blame Washington if that was the case, because $5 million, is a lot of  cash plain and simple. 

The only thing is though, $5 million does fall on the low-end value today, because times now does have heavier financial woes.

But you can definitely still live very comfortably, (Just Don’t Do What This One Dumba*s Did When He Won The Lottery, He Bought A Plane) a friend of mines told me a story like that about a lottery winner that actually did just that haha..

And the guy winded up blowing most of the money on gas to fill it up. Haha. Then he had to re-sell the plane back to the airline that he bought it from, and when he was done he was broke again. Yea that’s jacked up…

But look at this, in 1940 the coins were priced at $3,750 a pop so even in the 40’s these coins were highly rated and buyers wanted these rare  pieces of silver currency by all means necessary.

Now more of an exact mystery, is what most people are saying about these coins, “Where did they originate from?

And that is the $25,000 pyramid question, that people have dared to ask for decades now. Basically, like I said before whoever made them might have done it for some type of profit gain, or who knows maybe they did it just to do it..

But that doesn’t really matter right, because what does matter is that whoever has one or if they’re REAL lucky, and happen to have all 5-6 coins.


They are what would be said or called in Hollywood as a “Richie Rich” individual..

That is of course they don’t show up the “Richter” himself, he might be inclined to get his financial lawyer to go after you like a savage dog running after BBQ flavor meaty bone snack!!  😦




Nickels Worth Over 3 Mil Go To The Auction!..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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