Manti Te’o Back In The Driver Seat..

Manti Te’o Back In The Driver Seat..

Pic-04282013-001After facing down some ugly scrutiny involving an non-existing girlfriend affair (Some Say That He Was Tricked Into A False Relationship Online) that was display on the social medias like Facebook & Twitter. Manti Te’o has surpassed it all, and is now going to the Chargers.

Te’o was picked on the second day of the NFL Draft, to be chosen to join the roster of the San Diego Chargers.

And it wasn’t easy for Te’o to be picked due to some earlier consequences when he was still with his team at Notre Dame, that happened because of a his performance level that took a plunge back in January.

But he was also noted to be one of the best football player to ever step into the college level, and you have to know what some are looking for him to display now that he is going to the big leagues.

Te’o even said himself that he thought for sure he was going to be a first round pick even though he wasn’t, but he knows that with motivation and focus he can change the outlook on his gameplay from here on out in a positive fashion.

Te’o: “I didn’t expect to go in the first round,” Te’o said. “But things happened and all it did was give me more motivation to get better. I don’t know if i have something to prove but it definitely puts a huge fire under my butt just to be better.”

“All Thursday did was just give me motivation and more fire to go out there and play football and do well at it.” -end quote.

But Te’o was thrown off when he was spending time with his family in Hawaii that Thursday night, and did not receive “the call” that he was expecting to get dealing with his draft notification with the NFL. But the next day Friday it came though..

Some officials from the top picking teams, decided to skate by Te’o, not picking him up for first draft choice because of the earlier issues that came up and that performance in the game in which Alabama blew out Notre Dame so badly in. And the time back in January he fell very low in his performance that whole month.

But ever since losing his grandmother a few months back and the whole weird story of the infamous girlfriend that never was Lennay Kekua, Te’o has found his 


path as he will now be entering a whole new playing field that is called by most that play in the NFL called (Professional Level).

Tom Telesco the new GM (General Manager) of the San Diego Chargers, feels that everything will definite come into play now that Te’o is becoming a part of their squad.

Telesco: “He’s a great kid. We did as lot of work on Te’ and I’ve seen him for a number of years. He loves football. He’s passionate about it. He loves to practice. He loves to play. He’s a lot like D.J. in that regard. He’ll bring that to us.”

“Needing another linebacker, “Te’o can step in.”

“We thoguht he was the most instinctive and productive linebacker in the draft. He’s going to fit in excellent with our 3-4 defense with how we’re play our linebackers. He’s going to complement Donald Butler really well. We thought in order to get him we had to be aggressive and go up and do it.” -end quote.

Seems like Te’o has found redemption, now all he has to do to keep it going is play some good ol’ football..

(Video Credit: Inder Dhaliwal)

Manti Te’o Back In The Driver Seat..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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