Sequestration Update: Where We Stand

Sequestration Update: Where We Stand

Pic-04282013-004“They just let the problem go on and on and on and on,” says WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Jess Brown. Sounds like a typical day in Washington DC. We’re plowing headfirst into the sequester, a series of cuts handed down from the federal government.

People are pissed as you know by now, and some have starting pointing fingers big -time after learning that health care benefits will more in likely be one of the many other things that funding will be cut on.

And the spotlight is shining on the political front.. President Obama and some of his liberal cohorts continue to use the “so-called” apocalyptic sequester cuts to try to push through the radical left-wing agenda, but Senator Harry Reid have something else in mind, he resorted to using his own brand type of “scare tactics” to level the battle field putting more pressure on Obama and liberals as they seek to establish the cuts.. 

Reid stands against the push for the cuts, because he believes that the economy has taken too much of a hit on funding cuts for medical benefits, and research.

And he says that the sequester will cost many Americans dearly, especially research for HIV/AIDS, Parkinson Disease, & the biggest plague in this country the valuable research for Cancer.

And the cuts have hurt these ares of research, that is very vital for the survival of  human kind period.. Just a few months back at the start of the year, people were worried about the financial effects if the “Fiscal Cliff” had went over. And just when they probably thought that was all behind them, now you have the situation with the “infamous” sequester cuts issue.

So these cuts can do one of two things, either break the economy that is struggling to just stay afloat because you have millions upon millions that are barely able to afford any more financial burdens that is already there.

Second if it keeps going on this route, how many will survive over the next few years if health benefits & research funding is cut continously?..

Starting to see the big picture?..

You even still have other health factors that people are dealing with like..

  • Diabetes
  • Epileptic Seizures

Not to mention hundreds of other, health risk factors that aren’t going away no time soon I can assure you.. 

And of course there are those who have the “hot seat” spotlight beaming down hard on them.. Republicans who have been catching more heat then a magnifying glass possibly can when under the sun, have been looked at and blamed for the dirty air, and polluted waters, but add to that list is either the cure or research for all of the diseases running amok in the country as well.

And why we’re at it point the finger at the Government as well, because of the ridiculous debt that the country “owes” as they so say..

But I did a recent post about how the “Government” likes to keep you from knowing everything, keep us in the dark, slamming the wooden door in our faces because let’s face it there’s more than meets the eye when the topic of health care, or researching funding, education for kids as well as adults, better jobs, it just goes on.. and on… and on!!

But does anything really changes, from what we have seen so far.. Not Really. Not really at all my friend 😦

I just think it a lot of palms get greased very well, but ours is just rusted dry with blistered skin.. Yea the sh*t hurts..

I don’t know people, it just doesn’t does look good but I can say this.

The political parties, are going to have to just sit their asses down at the table LOL and work together to help find a solution period.

Sequestration Update: Where We Stand

(By: Jaye Irons)

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