Farrah Sex Tape Is Sold..

Farrah Sex Tape Is Sold..


Pic-04302013-001Farrah Abraham  did a move with Vivid Entertainment, she talk with the CEO of Vivid Steve Hirsch on an apparent deal to produce a sex tape that was to be sold after it’s production.


Vivid Entertainment is one of the top porn industry film production companies in that industry, I think another is West Coast which is the name of another is probably a second runner-up to it.


Question were thrown at Abraham, of why she wanted to do a porn flick. She said that it is a “keepsake” personal video that is professionally produced of course because it will have a Vivid Entertainment title slapped on it.


And she will be featured in the scene with porn star icon James Deen, and it is reported that the filming deal ranges up to $1 million after it is all said and done.

The movie will run for 70 minutes, which is the equivalent of 1 hour and 10 minutes. And the name of the movie will be, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom”.

Now I was thinking about this cliche in mind, I look at how the world is now today and how we all notice times is hard.

Finding  jobs are next to impossible, but they can be found even though it could take a long “New York Minute” to land one.

The thing is you have a situation where a girl like this, decides to go to the adult industry to make ends meet.. Just like Nadya Suleman that turn to the industry also when she found herself in massive debt, and utter bankruptcy.

And Abraham did an appearance of the Dr. Phil show, and Dr Phil started asking her question about her D.U.I (Driving Under The influence) that she had gotten when she was arrested.

And she got heated in the middle of the questions that Dr. Phil started throwing out at her, and he then said why are you getting so angry.. She replied because you are asking me questions that I feel is not relevant. He just told her, basically that he was pointing out the fact that here you are a young mother that she be concerned about yourself because you have a child that needs you. So you would you want to jeopardize that..

I have to admit he does have a point, if you have a kid in your life you need to put them first plan and simple. They didn’t ask to be brought here in the world so that is something that goes through the mind of a parent right then and there, so I believe that’s what he was trying to get the girl to see.

But she’s young and it will probably take some time before she really understands that, and going the route of getting into pron isn’t such a great idea.

I mean again think about your kid, how it will effect them as they get older.

But we do what we have to do, it’s Farrah’s decision hopefully things work out for her and her kid. 

(Video Credit: RightWingHunter666)


Farrah Sex Tape Sold..

(By: Jaye Irons)


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