Gov. Brewer Establishes Gun Buy-Back Law For Arizona

Gov. Brewer Establishes Gun Buy-Back Law For Arizona


Jan_Brewer_2008Gov. Jan Brewer decided to make it official on the new established gun law in Arizona, she decided to go ahead and sign a gun law that will prohibit local governments from destroying firearms that have been recovered from criminal activity, or unlawful procession of a firearm (Someone Who Has A Firearm And It Is Not Registered).


The way that a firearm could easily be destroyed is just to simply melt it down, so I think if anyone who works at a steel-mill factory… You know there they can melt down different types of metal, and it could be re-formed into something else.. So hence, the same can be done with firearms.


But because of Brewer’s choice to sign the new law in Arizona, that is now a distance memory of the old law allowing for it to be done.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) agreed to the terms of the new bill, thus showing support for it, and it was an 12 out of 18 vote decision to approve the law which was done in March.

But the focus of this reflects on the tax-payers, as their money was being just wasted destroying firearms. The better outcome would be to simply to resell the firearms which would generate revenue back into the manufacturing industries. 

And you know that gun shop owners, and other gun retailers are loving this already out in Arizona. Much relief needed for them after all the talk about putting a cap on the allowed amount of ammo for gun shops to sell to their customers, and gun shop owners have been just going nuts rallying up any scrap of ammo in sight before the gun laws really start to wreak havoc making it much harder and expensive to acquire it.

But in the case of Gov. Brewer she did piss off others who see this as a backtrack in the wrong direction, some people who actually wanted more gun laws established to maintain the peace throughout their communities. 

Some people are looking at Gov. Brewer like she is a tiny specimen under a microscope LOL, and they think that her actions to support the salvaging of firearms that are NOT to be scrapped but recycled back to the gun manufacturers is ridiculous.

This does bring up a major point, because this is just not to long after the situations that took hold in Newtown, Conn where Adam Lanza did the unthinkable murdering 26 people (Most Of Which Were Kids). The town today still shaken, and will never forget what happened on that tragic day.

Or the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, that took place in Tucson, Arizona in a supermarket (Six Other People Were Killed). Luckily for Giffords, she would walk away from that day as an a survivor.

Sen. Steve Gallardo even said: “This action taken by the governor is not only outrageous, but it is insensitive for us now to be putting these guns back on the streets.”

So it seems like a tug of war that can’t be won, some want tighter gun laws to help curve crime that has run amok lately (Chicago Yea My Kind Of Town LOL) .

Pic-05012013-001I don’t know what to say about the once great windy city, but Chicago has seen some serious rough mass shootings that seem to just run weekend to weekend.


You know in really bad neighborhood in Chi-town, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mailman would get out of his mail truck vehicle sporting an armored suit of some sort.


That would be extreme, but it would keep him from potentially becoming Swiss Cheese to say the least..

And now it’s “summertime” in Chicago or rather it’s been unusually hot, and Will Smith might not have intended for his famed song to echo in the ears of murderous hoodlums that get their hands on  just any handgun and they go all out in a ‘literal bang bang’ session because they just feel like doing so for kicks.

So given just a few examples (The Guy Shooting People In The Theater Yup You Can Throw That On The Top Of The List As Well), and the decision that Brewer has just made for Arizona could possibly attract some gun fever. But as always have to wait and see what else will turn up on this topic, so you know more to come SOON…


(Video Credit: tytuniversity)



Gov. Brewer Establishes Gun Buy-Back Law For Arizona


(By: Jaye Irons)


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