A 6-Story Rubber Duck??

A 6-Story Rubber Duck??


Pic-05042013-003Now the thing about this is LOL, that I think about when you have a giant duck floating by nearby boaters out in the Hong Kong harbor is similar to something out of one of those old monster flicks by in the day.

Godzilla is what I basically think right away or, you have Gamera which I think was a giant turtle that could fly and has appeared in just one of the few Godzilla movies. And I noticed a lot that with those type of movies, another favorite was Spector Man & Ultraman  they were alien beings (Somewhat Humanoid) that were fighting for the human race’s survival.

They could grow to giant proportions to fight huge monsters tall like buildings, or they could fight in average human size as well.

So when I hear about this “giant duck” LOL, that just pops into my mind right away.

But the Duck is reported to be about 54 feet tall in height, and was seen floating through the Victoria Harbor (Off The Hong Kong Shore). Now why the duck is floating through the harbor, I cannot even begin to explain…

But what I can say is this..

Think of when you was a kid and you had no worries, you didn’t have to worry about paying rent, you could run down to the local dairy queen and ask Mommy or Daddy “I want the triple chocolate sundae”! Or you jump on your “Schwinn” dirt bike and ride around with your friends, (I Got Into My Fair Share Of Trouble Hanging Around Associates Back Then When I Was A Kid) and either jump mountain dirt hills with your dirt bike. 

Or sneak around private property, even thought Mommy & Daddy said don’t do “Stupid Sh*t” that will get you shot LOL.

But It’s what it was around those times as a kid, because you’re young and dumb and you must have fun.. We all miss those days haha I’m sure.

So the appearance of the giant duck, mirrors just that notion.

It is to remind people about the care-free life of a kid, and not having to worry about really anything. Except for school, but other than that really nothing much of nothing.

The giant duck did sail itself all the way to the docking area  off of the shore line, off in the distance in the background was the Hong Kong skyline buildings.

A Dutch artist by the name of Florentijn Hofman told CNN, that the duck is just to remind people about the joy times of just being a kid. I remember seeing “the “Twilight Zone” movie back in the 80’s, and it was an 3-4 part movie I think (It’s Been A Lot Of Years Since I Really Set Down To Watch It) but one of the story parts was featuring an old group of senior citizens that missed being a kid again.

So this one old guy told them, I can make you desires come true. He was telling them something about believing hard enough and magic somehow being involved in it as well.

But he promise them this gift, and after nightfall it came true, the grown-ups now kids started playing running around in the adult clothes haha.. And just having fun.

But the guy that gave them the ability to become kids, stayed his regular age.. That was weird I thought, maybe he was an angel?? I’m was thinking when I first saw the second part of the movie story I want to say not sure..

But tell you what check it out below…


(Video Credit: grade point)



A 6-Story Rubber Duck??


(By: Jaye Irons)




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