Golgo 13: The Mystery Assassin..

Golgo 13: The Mystery Assassin..


Pic-05052013-001What can you say about Golgo 13?.. Nothing really but it just the matter of the fact that he is deemed labeled as James Bond’s knight, to Ethan Hunt‘s Bishop but really these guys are from infamous movies that of course involve “tactical espionage”.

And most of many should know either James Bond oo7” “Ethan Hunt… Mission Impossible.. 

Even the legendary Solid Snake, must take a back seat to Golgo 13, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Now Golgo 13 is an assassin for hire, just have to point that out in the clear. He doesn’t do jobs for crumbs or nickel and dime type pay, this guy is strictly a “no Non-sense” type of dude.

And it pays to be like that, I mean after-all he is an high-elite assassin in the world.

And he gets called on to do the most difficult sniper assignments.


Pic-05052013-002Going after his targets can be difficult for a good sniper, but not this guy.. LOL this is the part that I’m about to tell you about this guy and why his is so badass literally putting Bond & Hunt along with Solid Snake to utter shame.

So I’m going to layout a few things right now to give you an ideal about Golgo, that will have you thinking about his skill-set as a high rate assassin.

And how he goes about doing the job, he usually tells the person that wants him to perform the job to tell their “story” to him so he can get a grasp of the situation.

And also to keep the facts of what the cilent says in mind as well, so there are no screw-ups to the hit job itself. (No Liabilities)..

first off he

  • kills whatever target that the employer tells him to without remorse, and he will question his employer (Which Is The One That Requests His Services) exactly why the target must be terminated.

then he might ask..

  • when and where the target lives what time do they get off work the basics, so he can arrange the position for an assault. He might also ask about any love ones that the target has and knows so he can set-up some type of back-up plan to take out the actual intended target.

thirdly he will say

  • to the client he is going to do the job for, NOT TO DISCUSS anything of what he and the client have talked about doing the arrangements that are laid out in due  fashion. If the client disobeys Golgo’s request, then he will be executed by Golgo as well as the intended target of the hit.

Golgo 13’s real name is Duke Togo, and his past is shrouded in heavy mystery.. And that is good because he is an assassin after all, so the less anyone knows about him the better.

Those who do know him, fear him with the up-most extreme prejudice because of what he is capable of doing.


If you give him a M-16 rifle, you can call it a day right there LOL, because no one is safe with that in his hands. And then he had super-sharp pin accuracy with the firearm, and spends most of his time using the scope on the weapon to track his adversary.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re 300 meters from him, or 450 meters, the man can even snipe you from 600 meters for god’s sake LOL. That’s insane accuracy basically an inhuman ability, from seemingly an inhuman individual.

He also has a side guy that makes the rifles from him custom made to the finest detail, and he tells the guy exactly how he wants it to be crafted. He ususally tells the weapon maker to have it ready by the next day and pays him 150 k’s ($150,000) up front sometimes a little less or sometimes a little more.

And he can fight extremely well also, so even without a rifled scope in hand he is still a tremendous threat to many of his enemies.

Some major crime bosses would even send out for special top-notch assassins, to come and take him out. And I’m thinking to myself LOL.. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT FOR.. Because all that will happen is Golgo will take them out, and then he usually figures out who put a hit on him and well from there you can figure that out..

So check Golgo in action below..


(Video Credit: animenetwork)




Golgo 13: The Mystery Assassin..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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