Jimi Hendrix: Guitar Artistse..

Jimi Hendrix: Guitar Atrise..


Pic-05052013-004Hendrix was very famous for his talent in the music industry that would make him a legendary guitar playing icon. Despite the fact that his Father thought that his talents or rather gift to play the guitar was a waste of time, Jimi Hendrix was determined to prove his Dad wrong. 

So the thing is Hendrix’s parents James Allen Ross Hendrix had met his Mother Lucille Jeter at a dance event in Seattle, Washington, they would eventually marry in 1942.

Three days later after they married, James Ross would go to war (World War II). They had 5 kids, one of them was named Johnny Allen Hendrix (Would Be Changed To James Marshall Hendrix A.K.A Jimmy Hendrix). 

His Father tried to  take leave to go see his son but was denied doing so, James Hendrix would then get locked-up for 2 months without trial because of fear that he would go AWOL for not being able to visit his son.

And while in the service James was gone for a 3-year stench, and because of the loss of time that he could not spend with his son. His wife Lucille Struggled to take care of the boy, and she decided to neglect him instead by going out and partying and live it up on the town with her friends instead.

As a result Jimmy was cared for by either other relatives or friends of the family. Particularly his Mother’s sister Delores Hall & Dorothy Harding which was his Mother’s friend.

Things got worse from there, as James Hendrix got discharged from the service (U.S. Army) in 1945. 

And when he got back to find his wife Lucille gone, he did find his son Jimi that was in the care of a family friend Mrs. Champ who had tried to adopt Jimi (She Probably Thought That His Father Died In The War And His Mother Was Gone For Good).

Jimi’s parents struggled with alcohol abuse badly, and that would turn extremely violent in front of his very eyes. He would often seek refuge in the closet to escape from his parents hostile tendencies.

Then it got even worse his parents managed to get back together only to put his brother Joseph, his sister Kathy & his other sister Pamela up for adoption or foster care. (Wow Weren’t They Just Ideal Parents To Have).

He also had another brother named Leon, but even he couldn’t see Leon much because Leon was in and out of foster care as well.

Hendrix was totally effected by the experiences that were not ideal for a kid to go through. And true Hendrix music fans would know that one of the name of his albums has that title on it called.. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”.

Hendrix would then attend school at Horace Mann Elementary in the 50’s, Hendrix had a strange habit as well because the boy loved to carry a broom that was to be a symbol of the guitar and to pretend that it was one.

And he was a natural at learning to play, he would get ideas from Elvis’s songs picking out certain tunes and reply them on a “acoustic guitar”, which he finally did purchase for $5 bucks.

Shortly after he gathered together a group and started to experiment with music play using the guitar as his chosen instrument.

The name of his group was “The Velvetones”, but there was still something else that he needed to get. The acoustic guitar that he wasted his money on LOL, was just not powerful enough to be heard over the band background playing. 

Pic-05052013-006So he got himself an Electric Guitar, and that solved that problem in no-time flat.

And from there he would play pieces from other songs like, the theme from Peter Gunn, or he would listen to blues players like Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf & Robert Johnson. That’s how he would form his ideas from them and make it his own brand of music.

Now Hendrix did go to the service like his Dad did, and that was because he was caught by Police riding in stolen vehicles. He was then given the choice to either go to the slammer (Jail) or go to the Army. So yea in other words “TIN-HUT” haha..

And while there in the service he would meet up with Billy Cox, when Cox just happened to walking by the “service club” and heard Hendrix hacking away at the guitar and he decided to take a closer to listen to Hendrix’s playing. Cox liked what he was hearing.. He thought the style that Hendrix was playing were the combinations of John Lee Hooker & Beethoven.

Hendrix would also go out to other clubs on weekends with Cox, and Hendrix would also pick-up a “bass guitar” as the new choice of instrument. He and Cox would then jam it out in music play from there.

Hendrix would then receive an honorable discharge from the service, as his Captain Gilbert Batchman, declared him not suitable for the service.

This is where Hendrix then formed another band called “The King Kasuals”, and he picked up another trick from this guy named Butch Snipes that could play the guitar with his teeth. 

Hendrix learned how to play with his teeth in order to not get showed out by Snipes or anybody else that might pose as “highly-rated competition”.

For a short time, he made a living playing with other music stars and was working through the “Theater Owners’ Booking Association” (TOBA).

So he was performing in his own band, but at the same time he would play in other bands for singers or other instrument performers like, Wilson Pickett, Chuck Jackson, Slim Harpo, Tommy Tucker, Sam Cooke, & the popular Jackie Wilson.

But he would get tired of playing with other groups because of the rules that he had to follow when doing so particularly the band leaders.

So he started to go solo on his own. He would go on to win 1st prize, at the Apollo Theater during an amateur contest.

He then was seeking to land a gig, and he did so after getting notice from Joe Tex, who knew the “Isley Brothers” Hendrix accepted the gig to play with the backup band of the group “I.B. Specials”.

He then recorded a two-part track with the Isley Brothers called “Testify”, but it didn’t make it to the music charts. He left from that band and joined Little Richards’ touring band called “The Upsetters”. Hendrix would then record a track with Little Richard called “I Don’t Know What You Got (But it’s Got Me”.

His first television appearance was on the show called the “Night Train”,  on a Nashville t.v. show. 

Pic-05052013-007Hendrix would get fired from Richard’s band because of tardiness, what he would wear to the performance, & how he conducted his stage behavior in their presence (He Would Play Jokes).

He would play with another group called “Curtis Knight & the Squares”,  but it was really when he started up another one of his own bands and just before he did that he signed a record deal with Ed Chalpin. 

In 66′ he would bring together his band called “Blue Flame”, which had Randy Palmer on (bass), Danny Casey (drums), & a 15 year-old Randy Wolfe playing the guitar. And the group started playing at various clubs out in New York, their main spot was at Cafe Wha?

The problem for Hendrix now was that he still needed to gain more income, because he was barely making enough to play on the R&B circuit (Rhythm & Blues). But that would change for him one night.

He was playing at “The Cheetah Club”, and he did a performance that would catch the attention of Linda Keith  that was the girlfriend of Keith Richards of the “Rolling Stones” band.

After Keith had met Hendrix hearing him play, she then consulted with the group manager of the Stones Andrew Loog Oldham, but Oldham rejected Hendrix saying that he was not good enough..

She would then would suggest Hendrix to Chas Chandler, who was leaving “The Animals”. Chandler would get a chance to hear Hendrix’s song “Hey Joe”, and that would be the ticket for Hendrix to finally get a start on the right foot into the industry.

Chandler then brought Hendrix to London, and signed him to a management & production contract between himself and ex-Animals manager Michael Jeffery.

Hendrix would then be introduced to another legned player of the guitar “Eric Clapton”, after some time Clapton asked Hendrix to play a few songs with him and that would change the way Clapton would view Hendrix from that day forth as he said this about Hendrix’s play style..

Clapton: “He played just about every style you could think of, and not in a flashy way. I mean he did a few tricks, like playing the guitar with his teeth and behind his back, but it wasn’t in an upstaging sense at all, and that was it… He walked off, and my life was never again the same again.” -end quote.

Hendrix would also get a chance to brush feathers with Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Pete Townsend, Jeff Beck, & Kevin Ayers at a London nightclub called “The Bag O’ Nails”  because his popularity was starting to really soar like wildfire. 

People started to call him “The Black Elvis” or “Wild Man of Borneo”.

But look enough posting I’m going to just like you see for yourself more about the iconic guitar great himself “Jimi Hendrix”.


(Video Credit: MrKite64)




Jimi Hendrix: Guitar Artitse..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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