Limo Catches Fire Killing Five Women

Limo Catches Fire Killing Five Women


Pic-05062013-001This is just a unfortunate story all together, because this was supposed to be a time for celebration for a new bride that was indeed a very happy young lady.

But it didn’t happen that way for her, Saturday would mark the day that she and 4 other friends would die on a bridge in the San Francisco-area.

The ladies were riding in the limousine (Lincoln Town Car), when one of the passengers in the back started saying that it smelled like smoke. The driver couldn’t make out exactly what she was saying, because of the loud music that was playing in the background drowning out her words.

All of a sudden, the driver looked through his rear-view mirror to see the women screaming as they knocked to get his attention after they were seeing smoke.

They screamed “Smoke, Smoke!” and then “Pull over!”

They came upon a bridge in the San-Francisco area, where the driver quickly pulled the limo over to the side of the road. The Driver then exited the vehicle along with 4 other women, but there was still 5 other women still trapped in the limo. 

When the driver got out of the limo, he said he saw the backseat of the Town car totally consumed in flames. Firefighters arrived to the scene only to see that 5 bodies that was badly burned were huddled near the partition that is a separate compartment for the driver and the passenger area of the vehicle.

And nearby motorists had helped the 4 women escape the vehicle (3 Through The Rear-Right Door & One Squeeze Through The Partition To Escape), The four that escape were very lucky.

The cause initial cause of the limo catching fire is still being investigated by the San Mateo Fire Dept, and the coroner’s office is working with authorities to determine 

Pic-05062013-004whether or not was the fire deliberately set. 

The bride whose name was released by her family is thirty-one year old Neriza Fojas, that was going to repeat her marriage vows in the Philippines in June.

There was an aerial shot taken from above showing the limo’s backside, flames that were shooting out from the back.

Other parts of the vehicle like the taillights and bumper might have been melted into the rims of the vehicle.

The driver forty-six year old Orville Brown escaped unhurt from the limousine.

Brown’s brother said that Orville tried to help the ladies, but he told him that “it was so fast!” And he said, “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.” – end quote.

Autopsies were conducted, and now medical examiners will need dental records to give an identification match to the victims.

The other four young ladies that escaped were treated at nearby hospitals, two were listed in critical condition at the Valley Medical Center.

Another was taken to another hospital, but it has not been determined about her condition.

The name of the limo company was called “Limo Stop”, that offers limo services including vans & SUVS.

The company has been contacted for comments, but there has been no response so far from them.



Limo Catches Fire Killing Five Women


(By:  Jaye Irons)

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