3-Way Slice: Rush Limbaugh Will Leave His Radio Gig? / Sloane Stephens: Harsh Words For Williams / Crazed Fan Pursues Bieber On Stage!

Rush Limbaugh Will Leave His Radio Gig?


Pic-05072013-001Rush Limbaugh is pissed and angry over the fact that his comments about Sandra Fluke, he come back to bite him in the a*s big time and the hashing out of criticisms came from the unexpected that threw him a loop he didn’t see coming.

He now might yank his radio show from the Cumulus network, after CEO Lew Dickey went after Limbaugh blasting him out about the comments involving the “Fluke firestorm” controversial comments that cost Dickey’s company millions of dollars. Millions that were lost in ad sales.

Dickey then in turn blamed Limbaugh for the financial lost, the expense has cost the company so far a whopping 33% in lost sales. That nearly half of the company assets, and it is leaving a pretty sour taste in the mouth of Dickey and he isn’t happy about that.

Limbaugh on the other hand, has sidestepped the public controversy he also feels that the ratings have gone upward instead of down from his point-of-view.

And the thing is Limbaugh contract is due to expire later this year with Cumulus, and I think he could care less to stay tied in knots with the company any further.

Limbaugh also feels that Dickey, just wants to blame someone for his own failure to produce sales for his company and is looking for the “scapegoat” to point the finger at hence… Enter Rush Limbaugh…

So like the old song goes “Every Plays The Fools Sometimes”, he might be looking to fool Limbaugh into a position that would take the lime light off of Dickey’s mistakes dealing with his company’s success.

That could be the angle, but it still could also be a blunder on the part of Limbaugh. He did address the comments about Sandra Fluke back in 2012, saying that she was a “slut” as she runs to Congress for support trying to get them to mandate insurance coverage of birth control.

And from there those comments might have come back to haunt Limbaugh, so I would say now that this looks like a more 50 / 50 type situation LOL.

Pic-05072013-002And I’m sure Sandra Fluke didn’t take well at all to the comments that were display on Limbaugh’s radio talk show, so from there sh*t probably just hit the fan. And Dickey might have been in front of that fan catching that debris in full contact haha.

The remarks that were said had cause an “advertising boycott”, a boycott that put a serious hurting on the Cumulus company advertising sales.

Davidson Goldin a Cumulus spokesman said this..

Goldin: “Cumulus owns the premier talk radio distribution platform in the United States and doesn’t comment on negotiations with talent under contract.” -end quote.

Limbaugh’s contract is set to expire later this year.


(Video Credit: Sam Sedar)




Sloane Stephens: Harsh Words For Williams


Pic-05072013-003So the thing here is that Sloane Stephens does not like Serena Williams one bit at all it seems, both are great tennis competitors but over time the two have had some conflicting situations that have gone from worse to ridiculous bad..

Stevens have had some harsh feelings towards Williams, and despite the fact in the media’s eye Stephens has said that Williams IS NOT her mentor in any way, shape, or form for that matter.

And this all happen when Stephens bested Williams at the Aussie Open“, this past January.

Stephens also spoke about the situation on Twitter, that has turn pretty ugly she said this about Williams conduct on the famous media platform.

Stephens: “She has not said one word to me, not spoken to me, not said hi, not looked my way, not been in the same room with me since I played her in Australia. And that should tell everyone something, how she went from saying all these nice things about me to unfollowing me on Twitter.”

Pic-05072013-004“Like, seriously! People should know. They think she’s so friendly and she’s so this and she’s so that — no, that’s not reality! you don’t unfollow someone on Twitter, delete them off of Blackberry Messenger. I mean, what for? Why?”  – end quote.

LOL sounds like Stephens might have sparked off something inside of Williams, Williams is probably pissed after being showed up by Stephens..

Man gotta love this, —heated healthy competition– the old situation where the teacher is outdone by the student. I’m sure more will come of this as time goes on in the competitive world of tennis.


(Video Credit: MrPieroTWV2)




Crazed Fan Pursues Bieber On Stage!


Pic-05072013-005With all of the crazy things that has just been piling up on Justin Bieber as of late, it’s no wonder he hasn’t gone insane already LOL. From Dana Martin who enlisted the help of two others to try to get Bieber and do things to him that would even make the former Pope say they did WTF?? (Censorship On That Right There Haha), to getting chase through California by the relentless “Paparazzi”, one time which cause a reporter to lose their life chasing to get any inside scoop on the Bieber himself.

And let’s not even start about the whole weird situation of the ongoing slams that Selena Gomez has dished out on him as well, one scenario was when she decided to do a video poking fun of him making him look like a fool behind his back in reference of him as looking weak and not being man enough for her. Ouch times double!

I’m sure Bieber has been taking all this into account, like a blistering wound that is in desperate need of some neosporian  and a  Fred Flintstone & Barney bedrock color band-aid.

And now the thing is Bieber was on stage performing his gig out in Dubai, Saudi Arabia (United Arab Emirates) this past Sunday. In the midst of his performance, a fan had run onto the stage touching the “Beib” in the process as he played on a grand sized piano.

And that’s where all h**l broke loose in a hurry, because at that point security guards had rushed in to subdue the out-of-control fan. 

Pic-05072013-006The fan was a youth wearing a white T-shirt & jeans. When the tussle between the crazed fan & the guard had taken place, the piano was damaged because the leg stands on the piano was pushed by the fan. Bieber could not play the piano after the whole “fiasco” was over, and had to substitute his performance with alternatives.

As Bieber went on to finish his performance with the rest of the band, the security guards removed the fan and the broken piano off the stage in due fashion. (LOL I Wonder If The Piano Was Rushed To The ER For Emergency Attention For A Broken Wooden Leg And A Fractured Overstretched G-Flat Cord String).

I don’t know how Bieber keeps it together, I don’t know how he can just handle a crazy situation after crazier situation that just seems to run random like a “old-style” t.v. clicking channel remote…

And it also is bad timing for all of this to take place, Saudi Arabia does not typically care for America let’s just be honest right there. So the situation of going there to perform as an actor or actress has to kind put them on the “edge” in terms of tension.

But there are fans over the world who pay to see the kid perform, so it is what it is.

Now I’m not putting down Saudi Arabia, it is a great country no doubt. It’s just with all of the weird things that we see everyday on t.v. puts all of us on edge including Saudi Arabia.

But Bieber is ok, and I’m sure he is a bit “Shaken up” after being grabbed behind like that on stage out of nowhere while giving his performance. That was wild indeed, but that’s part of being a celeb, you have to be able to handle whatever is thrown your way and keep pushing because after-all the show must go on…


(Video Credit: bizipapo)




3-Way Slice: Rush Limbaugh Will Leave His Radio Gig? / Sloane Stephens: Harsh Words For Williams / Crazed Fan Pursues Bieber On Stage!


(By: Jaye Irons)

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