Injustice Gods Among Us…

Injustice Gods Among Us…


Pic-05092013-006Has basically been a much-anticipated fighting game that displays various DC Comic superhero & villains, from the basics you have Batman going up against his most obvious villain “The Joker“.

But understand this about the game, it just doesn’t focus on the iconic battles between just those two famous characters no, No, not by far. You have a roster of heroes and villains in this one that sets the bar pretty high.

But one would wonder one thing about this setting of brought together icons of either good or bad, and that is the “backstory” that defines it all.. The Plot.

So without further adieu, here we go…

This all starts in an alternate reality first and foremost, because you must have someway that Superman might wind-up fighting let’s say The Joker.

And you probably saying.. How in the h**l does he fight Joker, well that’s the beauty of it right there it happens in an alternative reality..

Now the thing is Joker actually gets one up over on ol’ Sups, because the story about Superman is that he kills both Lois Lane & his newborn son for he was tricked by the “Joker” into doing so. Superman then does the one thing that surely pisses off the “Batman”, he kills Joker and then he goes AWOL in a fit of uncontrollable rage and unleashes his style-brand of “hell on earth”… He starts his NWO  (New World Order).

That being said, in the current reality Joker’s plan has not happened yet. And the other thing is, the other superheroes (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, & Green Lantern and the Joker with Batman from that current reality are then transported to the alternate reality in order to take-out the Regime that is present there.

Pic-05092013-007Yea it gets kinda twisted I know LOL.


Then it goes into the basics once the heroes arrive in the alternate world, they have to gather facts and information as to what exactly happened in the world they are at now.


And it gets further interesting, as Raven (That Girl Is So Full Of Darkness And Stoic But She’s A Good Guy), and Cyborg are torturing Deathstroke.


You have Green Lantern, fighting Sinestro and Lantern is under the guise as a Yellow Lantern“.

Wonder Woman & Green Arrow then meet with the “Batman” of the alternate reality. And the kicker, Superman is put in almost total control of the Atlantean army (Aquaman’s Territory He Is A King In The Other Reality), and in that reality Aquaman revolts against him being en-stated as commander and chief of it of course. 

Now keep in mind I’m jumping around in the story, because even though the story is played out in the game as you play through it. As you progress in it, you actually hold the outcome to how it will be told, so if you’re at a point in the game where you take control of a character then it is up to you to defeat that challenge that is laid out before you in order to move the story along to it’s next point. And that’s the best way I can put it..

The gameplay part of the story is a living badass “masterpiece”, I was watching a few parts that look just off the wall in terms of battle. Like Black Atom tossing a barricade of cars at Superman while he uses his eye beam blaster (Heat Ray Vision) to destroy the vehicles.

Another part was Wonder Woman deflecting bullets from Bane’s huge-sized machine gun, and the girl didn’t miss a beat she blocked them all LOL.

Other characters will make their appearance as well, h**l even Harley Quinn throws her hat into the ring for her cut of the action.. GOTTA LUV IT!!

So I know you hardcore gamers are in heaven, with all of this indeed haha.. Check out the vid then below..


(Video Credit: RajmanGamingHD)







Injustice Gods Among Us…



(By: Jaye Irons)


Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!


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