Military Sex Abuse Issues Again?

Military Sex Abuse Issues Again?


Pic-05092013-004Yea it seems like this is an ongoing problem for the U.S. armed forces, no smoke and mirrors here to hide it anymore. And it seems like yesterday since I was in the Navy and when stuff like this was going on behind closed doors. And it’s no laughing matter, today sexual abuse is getting more and more attention to detail especially in the Army, Navy, Marines, etc..

The overall Judical branch is fed up with the situations of either Commanding officers, or male recruits that are stocking it’s female half of the military forces. 

Recently President Obama has taken a tough stand about the matter, he turned up the heat on the militant factions demanding that tougher laws need to be established against this problem. 

One example was U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Krusinski, that sexually assaulted a female in a suburban parking lot this Sunday. And the messed up part about this incident, was that Krusinski was on the head of the Air force’s sexual prevention initiative that looks out for any type of assault acted against any females that serve in the armed forces.

So now in his case that he had done this sexual assault to this young lady, Krusinski will in no doubt be fired for his actions.

President Obama was just pissed off like hell over the whole matter and let loose a comment of the matter…

Pic-05092013-002Obama: “I don’t want any more speeches or awareness programs or training, or ultimately folks look the other way.”   

(And what he is referring to is the statistics that have been done over a period of time showing female that have been assaulted while serving their duties in the armed forces. So since 2010, sex assault cases have went up at least 34% .)

Obama: “We’re going to have to step up our game, we have to exponentially step our game to go after this hard.”   -end quote.

Obama then consulted over the issue with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and expressing his frustrations about the plaguing matter that is conflicting with the military standards and rules conduct policy.

Hagel has been addressing this issue as well, and further studies of it has also been recorded and documented.

It has been said that it was over 600 cases of rape in the military in 2011, Hagel said that he wanted to speak with the commander and chief of these women that was supposed to monitor and “red flag” any situation that was to be reported to proper military personnel. And anybody that did commit such an act is to be removed from the U.S. armed forces immediately and charged with sexual assault.

Other reports have documented that over 20% of females were subjected to unwanted sexual contact, or forced to participate in a sexual act against their will. And a lot of times, they are either to embarrassed to come forth, or sometimes even threaten to recline from reporting anything about the incident all together.

And 3,000 cases might get reported, but that comes out of a larger number of 26,000 that goes under the water (Or Not Reported)..

Another twist to this issue is that, men are also targets in the matter. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D- N.Y.), point that out by saying that there are quite a bit of cases reported by men that have been cited as victims in sexual exploitation while serving in the armed forces..

So where does the U.S. armed forces go from here?..

How will they ultimately deal with the issue of sexual assault in their strongholds?..

It’s not certain right now for sure, but I pretty sure they are going to have to over look some sanctioned laws & and rules and add to the roster to curve the problem.. Till then we shall see what unfolds.



Military Sex Abuse Issues Again?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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