LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…

LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…


Pic-05102013-006IRS usually goes after people who negligent for not filing their taxes, or tax fraud of some sorts. So far a few people have went down over the years from the IRS’s brutal tough love on taxation laws and super-stiff penalties.

A short list..

And that’s just the icing part of the cake..

The IRS doesn’t care about us, they laugh at us when we say stuff like “I didn’t put that exemption down on my tax file papers it wasn’t me.”

And you and I might see this as an honest mistake, or it could be a person on some type of “get over the hump scheme.” But sometimes that might not be the case, and sometimes good people who just want to file their taxes don’t want trouble to follow them after doing so.

Sometimes things get mixed up, and you can better believe if the IRS is involved it’s not usually a good thing necessarily. You see their in the business of collecting for good ol’ Uncle Sammy, and their Uncle will tell them behind closed doors with a pointed finger (Like You See On A Charlie Brown Cartoon Show But You Can’t See The Dam Blasted Face Of The Adult LOL)  “Get me my MONEY!!”

Now this is crude but true, we are hard paying tax payers (The Rich Is Not Included In This Because Most Of  Them Are Like The IRS Little Helpers Without The Santa), the poor are already having a hard time to just stay afloat. But the poor middle class, well now… That is an interesting angle right?

We get all the B.S. just slammed down on us like 3 inch-sized hail balls raining down in a hail storm.

Pic-05102013-002And we’re not the ones that are looked down upon with sympathy, oh no we get kicked down from all directions no matter the circumstance, no matter if we are stable enough to survive in an economy that just wants your money, and your left high and dry and even Moe, Curly, & Larry know it’s not a laughing matter..

But today people… Today is a day of rejoice, why I say because I’ll give it to ya like this..

The IRS went and did something that they always claim they don’t do, but always want to blame innocent tax payers if they accidentally mess-up on a tax file document.

Well now they’re in the hot seat haha, because apparently these idiots made a BIG FAT MISTAKE.. When they called out the “kthxbye”… 

So you’re saying to yourself, who the hell are they?

Well they are a “Tea Party Faction”, that IRS went after for supposed tax fraud and it turned out that actually the IRS was wrong.. Yea you heard right THEY WERE WRONG!!

Dam that felt good to say that.. 🙂

So basically it goes like this, Douglas Shulman told Congress that his agency was not targeting tax-exempt organizations for their political views. But they lie, because that’s what the IRS does best, is goes after people who are considered either out-of-line, or a threat to them in anyway.

Because they goofed up, the IRS had to issue out an apology after they tried to threaten them to give up lists of donors. So one who think they thought they were cashing in on donations that tax-payers might do if they want to get a little extra green back in their pockets during the tax-filing season.

But kthxbye didn’t violate any tax laws, or they were not found guilty of harboring donation funds. They were in the right, as they were running operation a clean organization from head to toe, and IRS had to do what “Weird Al Yankovich” mentioned in his classic song that keyword phrase to “just eat it, just eat it”.. Hmm.. LOL “SOMEBODY STOP MEY!!” 

Yea I think IRS needs a little pie in the eye, you know just to let them know they can be humbled just like us poor tax paying citizen that get raped during tax season.

So Cheer up IRS and just take one for the team… 

Oh yea those 2 magical words they had to say was.. “we apologize.”

(I Wonder What Fred G. Sanford of the  —Sanford & Son Salvage Co.– Would Have To Say About IRS’s Goof Up?..)

Fred G. Sanford On IRS Blunder:  Pic-05102013-004 …


(Video Credit: keepinguuptodate)



LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…


(By: Jaye Irons)


Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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