Amanda Bynes’ Juxtaposition..

Amanda Bynes’ Juxtaposition..


Pic-05122013-004I don’t understand it with this girl LOL she has the means as a celebrity, she has fame, she has fortune… So why is Amanda Bynes putting herself in a bad place with drinking and driving, then DUI charges, situations of her driving through the San Fernando Valley after smoking marijuana, then even hit and runs encounters while driving her vehicle.

She really has been racking it up on the “messing up list”, as of late, her rival in that matter would in no doubt would be Linsday Lohan that had put herself in similar situations.. 

And I didn’t think that Paris Hilton could be topped, but I thought wrong I guess.. Then the Bobby Brown, driving under the D.U.I. 55 day jail confinement that was another example of just making a seriously bad decision.

I did a post a while back on Amanda Bynes, and how she was partying it up on the town one night and getting into mass trouble. She got herself kicked out of the popular Hotel joint the Standard Hotel” somewhere out in California. And as an celeb, it would be pretty dam hard not to be accepted into an establishment that involves some form of entertainment LOL.. 

They usually welcome a celebrity because let’s face it, it’s eat-it-up-type- publicity, that can put any business like a restaurant or store etc.. On the map quick, and bring in the masses to that business and also money and endorsements..

But when the Standard Motel got a ‘whiff’ of what Amanda was dishing out LOL, they probably were saying “Thank-you and don’t come again LOL.” 

Pic-05122013-005I guess they figured the girl is a bag of trouble, and that looks to be the case from what has transpired so far..

One cop had commented before about her reckless nature about her driving habits saying.. “She is on the same road as my wife and kids, and I’m scared about getting a call in the middle of the night that my little one is dead.”

He goes on.. “She’s addicted to something and she’s driving a deadly weapon and is going to kill someone. It scares the s**t out of me.”

A buddy cop of his even referenced to the fact that the public  is in grave danger of her driving actions & judgement, and he pointed out her lack of reality and logical reasoning of what she does behind the wheel as a “responsible motorist.”

But now this time she can’t get away from a hefty probation sentence that is now tagging her, because a judge throw a not just a few books at her but rather tipped the whole bookcase shelf on her..

She faces a three-year probation sentence for driving on a suspended license, and that came off of the judge’s decision after overlooking her case and previous incidents a short while back. 

The judge has also order Bynes to pay a $300 fine, and suggested to her not to be driving a vehicle without a valid license and not driving without car insurance.

“Got State Farm?” 

But the one thing that still has her in a real bad “juxtaposition” (The Situation She Faces Now), is the D.U.I. charges that are lurking around the corner..

I just don’t get it, you have fame and money as a celebrity and some of them just throw it away over stupid s**t. Maybe it also could be that they are depressed or not happy about something in their life, not sure.

Oh well maybe someday they might learn from their bad choices. Hopefully.. And soon before they really get into something that they won’t be able to walk away from.


(Video Credit: ENTV)



Amanda Bynes’ Juxtaposition..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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