‘Tekken’ Movie Misunderstood By Hollywood…

‘Tekken’ Movie Misunderstood By Hollywood…


Pic-05122013-009I saw this one review about the Tekken that came out some time back, and LOL it had to be one of the funniest that I have seen so far. Hollywood has been trying to capture the “movie magic”, with the video game world and really they still have a lot of homework to do in that department.

One reason is this, when they do a movie based off of a video game they tend to use their own ideals to tell out the story but they always seem to get a few things wrong about the story of the game.

This is what pisses off die-hard fans, because they rather see the movie in the way of the game. That means the story should stick to the way it was to be told in the first place, and not have anything just thrown into it “because it looks good and people will pay to go see it anyway” 

Very untrue, in fact it might go the other way and people might not even bother because they might feel that it will be a flop or the storyline is more of hollywood’s intake on the film and breaks to far away from the ‘true intended’ plot of the story being told.

And in the Tekken review, they did just that… Because they referred to Tekken as being a “Company” rather than what it really is.

Tekken is not a company LOL, it’s a fighting tournament that was formed by Heihachi Mishima (Pictured Bottom Left), his Father Jinpachi Mishima was the one who formed the Mishima Zaibatsu company. 

Pic-05122013-011So maybe right there is where hollywood might have gotten confused LOL, thinking that Tekken is a company. 

Then years later after forming this company, Heihachi would go on to overthrow his Father Jinpachi (I Never Knew Jinpachi’s Last Name But Recently I Just Found Out That’s It’s Also Mishima haha) that had control of the Mishima Zaibatsu company originally.

Heihachi also was noted a popular key character in the Tekken series, because of his power-driven controlling ways to have it all for himself type attitude..

But then enter Kazuya  Mishima Heihachi’s son, and also in Heihachi’s eyes a weak link to his heir. So when Kazuya was five-years-old, Heihachi would test his son in a game of survival.

And he did that by throwing his own son over a cliff water ravine. So the only way that Kazuya would be worthy to his Father, he would have to climb up from the ravine and that would prove to Heihachi that his son had a backbone and could carry the weight of leadership on his shoulders.

Wow talk about a rough childhood… 

Then Heihachi even went out and adopted a kid named Lee Chaolan, and would basically use Lee to anger Kazuya through the infamous tactic of ‘favoritism’.

Now with all that in mind, Heihachi then prepared his ‘Tekken Tournament’ to take place. They actual event is called King of Iron Fist Tournament” , and yea Heihachi designed it also to further test Kazuya, and Kazuya did prevail and win the tournament.

And revenge would be served ‘cold’ to the Father as his own son Kazuya, would further display his hatred for Heihachi as he tossed him off the same cliff over the ravine like Heihachi did him when he was a kid.


Heihachi also surviving the fall, would then go into hiding and physically trained for 2 years before he would re-surface and show up as a competitor in his own created “King of Iron Fist Tournment” known as ‘Tekken’…

So check out the video to find out what Hollywood should have put into the story in the first place, and the casting was off as well LOL…

I mentioned a long time back that my handle name on PS3 is JayeSears73, my character that I use on Tekken 6 is Nina Williams.

So stop by sometime and challenge me to a friendly battle… But beware you might pop a bottle of aspirin after battling me there haha..  😀

(Video Credit: dayashathirsts)



‘Tekken’ Movie Misunderstood By Hollywood…


(By: Jaye Irons)


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