Facebook Owes Vin Diesel How Much??

Facebook Owes Vin Diesel How Much??


Pic-05132013-001Now you hear about how someone hits it big, in the lottery or they find out that a relative left them a huge sum of money from a will they probably left behind from them to receive.. 

But this one is just LOL ridiculous, now everyday when you turn on your plasma tv’s (Old School TV’s Are Included..), you usually see stuff that is either chaotic on the news, or someone during some type of terrorists act, but the most ‘basic’ thing that is usually hitting the cable-lines to the plasma box sets is someone issuing out a law suit.

Yup sir lawsuits are just a dime a dozen these days, people are quick to point out anything that might prompt them to do so, from slips and a fall, to car accidents that has resulted in a serious injury that can hinder one for the rest of life.

That’s just reality all in truth..

But check out Vin Diesel’s situation, he is going after the popular “Facebook” franchise but it’s all in fun. 

Who really knows, but Vin Diesel has said his piece on the matter jokingly talking about  revenue that Facebook should pay out to him..

Vin Diesel: “What Facebook didn’t realize is something very big was about to happen, and it’s kind of a fluke they didn’t see this coming — when I jumped on that

Pic-05132013-004page in April 2009, I started talking to people. In the realest ways.” – end quote.


Diesel released those comments to Entertainment Weekly in an interview.

And I can understand where he’s coming from, he is an actor and the most important thing is the fans.

Because if not for them, he wouldn’t be where he is today. And that’s on the red carpet.

He starred in his latest flick, Fast & Furious 6 and that was expected to come out because they made the story reflect back to his girlfriend who is played by Michelle Rodriquez that was believe to be dead.

But after the events of  “Fast Five“, Dominic Toretto and his crew are now rich, but their criminal pasts comes back to haunt them and keeps them from returning to their home countries. 

So in order for them to be able to return to where they live, they are offered a deal that they can’t refuse.. Agent Luke Hobbs is put into a situation to offer the Toretto and his crew a opportunity to return to their homelands only if they help to take down a very dangerous mercenary organization which is led by criminal genius Owen Shaw.

And remember what I said about Toretto’s girl not being dead, yea that’s true because she is 2nd in command serving on the “bad bad guy” team of Shaw’s group LOL.

So very nice twist indeed, that should play out well in the sixth installment of the movie series. 

LOL so no wonder Diesel said he should get some dough from Facebook, he did enough smash box office movies to gain some serious “Fan-Based” attention.

But maybe it’s just a joke that he is saying this, but I can’t toot my on horn.. I can only say watch the “plasma box”, and see what’s next..





Facebook Owes Vin Diesel How Much??


(By: Jaye Irons)

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