Eric Clapton (Epic) Musician

Eric Clapton (Epic) Musician


Pic-05142013-015Clapton is known as one of the most detrimental “guitarist” of his time. And has been recognized as one of the 100 best guitar performers in the genres of hard rock, blues, & psychedelic rock.

Clapton was born in Ripley / Surrey, England and his Mother (Patricia Clapton) had him at the early age of 16. His Father was Edward Fryer, was a soldier from Montreal, Quebec. While his Father was serving in the war, Eric would go and stay with his Grandmother named Rose, and Jack Clapp who was a stepfather to Eric’s mother. 

Patricia would then leave Eric to stay with his Grandparents in Surrey, while she ran off and married another Canadian soldier and relocated to Germany.

Clapton would then get into the ‘music arts’ after he received his first “acoustic guitar”, that was given to him on his thirteenth birthday, but the instrument hindered his ability to play it correctly and he was lacking interest at that time as a result.

But that didn’t really stop him, he had a drive, and yearning for the sound of ‘blues music’, and would practice very often determined to learn to master it’s melodies and the act of playing the blues.

He developed sound techniques with the aid of a tape recorder,  that served as a “play back buddy” if you will. This allowed him to hear the notes that he would play-out, and then he would sync the sounds to better himself as a guitarist playing whatever tunes he would crank out correctly.

At seventeen years-old, Clapton would join the band known as “The Roosters”, and teamed up with another guitarist Tom McGuinnessBut he stayed for a short while then moved on to another band called The Yardbirds“, that ws known as a blues / rock & roll type band which lasted nearly two years. 

One time Clapton broke a guitar string on stage during a concert, usually a performer might be ready to break for the exit at that point but not Clapton..

He stayed on stage and replaced the ripped string, in the mist of that moment the audience would do a “slow-handclap” which would coin a nickname for the guitarist performer. So from that moment people would reference the given nickname with Clapton that was suggested by a friend of his : “slow handclap”.

Clapton still had a thing for blues rhythm music, so in 1965 he joined up with the blues group John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers“. But it was very short-lived after he joined and he left for Greece to join another group called ““the Glands”, he then turned back around and re-joined “John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers” at the end of year in 65′.

Pic-05142013-016Clapton  would then start to amass great attention to himself as an established “blues guitarist”, and had even gained world-wide recognition for his song performances with John Mayall‘s group.


He left the group again this time for good, and would move onto other music ventures later down the line in his career.


And the list of songs / albums he made was:

and the list goes on..

I liked one in particular and I’ll leave that in a video below.

Clapton also appeared in a few movies, in which his talents involving music would be showcased with his sound-tracks being played in them. 

Overall he is an epic guitarist that made a big name for himself from his early start into the industry itself.


(Video Credit: Aqualung1989)



Eric Clapton (Epic) Musician


(By: Jaye Irons)

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