Tiger’s New Girl?..

Tiger’s New Girl?..


Pic-05182013-002LOL this cracks me up, now the situation before was the whole matter of Elin Nordegrenwho Tiger was married to and they split after she found out about all of the girls he was courting on the side.

After all of that went out the window, then it was a barricade of girls coming out of the ‘woodwork’, trying to say that they were traumatized in some type of psychological way and was seeking some type of compensation for their time and trouble while dealing with Woods.

So keep in mind that Tiger’s first wife Elin, was not a celebrity ‘per se’ she did some modeling, and she was a nanny. She might have only gave him the time of day probably because the guy is loaded with all of that green ‘dollar dollar’ currency.

If you step back and take a look at this situation all together, that’s what I see.

Any celebrity would have to even step back on that one (Yea Celeb Females Can See This Too), and probably would say to themself… “She’s only with him because of who he is, and the money.

Now I think Woods is cool indeed, and he can golf like a champ no doubt even on an “off day”. But let’s be REALLY honest on this, Woods is a top dollar paid celebrity who in turn is worth hundreds of millions of dollars (Elin Got A Nice Small Chunk Of That Pile Of Loot LOL). $100 mil I think?

Lindsay Vonn is an excellent skier, she has won the “World Cup Title” at a young age, and has made a strong presence for herself in the world of Olympic skiing.

And she is now courting Woods.

But this is what I see after all he has been though with this whole fiasco, of sewing some serious wild oats haha..

I’m thinking that maybe Woods might just marry this girl Vonn, and I think that might not be a great ideal.

Because before when he was hooked-up with Elin in marriage, everything just went to h**l in a handbasket because of all the that girls that kept coming out about being with Woods and Elin was just p’ed the f**k off all together.

But I look at this at another angle also, Elin didn’t probably want to really be with Woods in the first place.

It probably was just a security blanket that she might have been seeking financially, so maybe she just went along for the ride until the roller coaster finally fell off the tracks due to debris that was blocking the way (Tiger’s Girls).

That could have been her “Que”, to then just say that she wants a divorce and their marriage agreement might not have been solidly planned out on Tiger’s part but rather Elin’s.

She knew then she had him cold, and went on with the divorce proceedings and got paid once it was said and done.

So what do one suppose will happen here?..

  • Will Tiger stay faithful to Vonn?
  • Is Vonn going to take him to the cleaners, cut a check and leave town?
  • And of course does Vonn really love Woods truly?

Yea those are some key points I’d say, the media will be keeping close watch I’m sure to see what will happen next..


(Video Credit: tommynewsnetwork1)



Tiger’s New Girl?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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