Connecticut Commuter Train Collision (Amtrak)..

Connecticut Commuter Train Collision (Amtrak)..


Pic-05192013-001An unfortunate situation took place yesterday, when a commuter train had crashed and as a result 70 people were taken to the hospital.

So this past Friday evening is when the train was reported to have crashed, the train route runs through the suburb areas of New York City. The tracks were destroyed in the crash, and debris laid around the area of the crash.

Three patients that was taken to the hospital was listed in critical condition the next day, two others were in stable condition.

Some of the commute riders of the train told in their own words of the whole horrifying event.

train commuter: “All I know was I was in the air, hitting seats, bouncing around, flying down the aisle and finally came to a stop on one seat. “It happened so fast I had no idea what was going on. All I know is we crashed”, said passenger Lola Oliver. -end quote.

The train had ran into another train that was coming from New Haven to Grand Central terminal on the track across from it, and after the trains collided some of the train cars of the other train were knocked off the tracks.

The FBI had investigated the scene and declared “no foul play” involved in the crash. And the National Transportation Safety Board investigators are looking into a fractured rail as a possible cause of the derailment that led to two trains to intersect and crashing as a result.

Another commuter was saying that the train operator was going the regulated speed, and also said that the crash would have been far worse if the train would have been going faster.

The NTSB went to the crash site Saturday morning, to begin it’s survey detail of all the damage amassed from the collision.

And the crew of train operator’s had to be questioned during the time events of what happened, while they were in control of the train’s operation. The investigation is excepted to be done in a little over a week (7-10 Days), and included in the reports will be the train’s functions like it’s breaking systems and the  condition of the wheels.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) said his comments on the crash that took place this past Friday.

“Investment in quality of transportation is probably one of the lessons we will learn from this accident, he also said that the damage that was determined from this crash in his words was “absolutely staggering”.   – end quote.

The Amtrak train service would run between Boston and New York City, that train commuters would ride on a daily basis. 

Plans are being put together to help people get from Bridgeport to other nearby train stations.



Connecticut Commuter Train Collision (Amtrak)..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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