The Moon Gets A Nasty Wake-up Call

The Moon Gets A Nasty Wake-up Call


Pic-05202013-001Even though it is 238,000 miles from Earthsome things that can happen on the Moon can possibly be seen here on Earth that is visible to the naked eye. This is the case at hand with the Moon, as it was devastated by a huge meteor strike that triggered a violent explosion on it’s lunar surface.

And the Moon isn’t a stranger to meteor strikes, for years it has been getting rammed blasted them. And the evidence is there just look at all of the craters that are present on the Moon.

NASA has a telescope monitor device that constantly watches the Moon, to see if there is any thing out of the ordinary that might take place. What they didn’t expect just like the Moon didn’t, was a 88 lbs (Pound) rock streaking out of control came and slammed head on into the Moon’s surface and the impact was so great that it created a huge blast of light.

Bill Cooke who is with the Meteoroid Environment Office (Marshall Space Flight Center), had said that the explosion that was cause by the meteorite’s impact radiated a flash that was 10 times as bright and that has basically set a record in the history books of documented meteor strike activity on the moon thus far.

And the estimated speed of the meteor was calculated at 56,000 miles an hour, which is almost half the speed of light (186,282 miles an hour).

So that is like having a 5 ton stack of dynamite, laid out in a huge pile and then you light it  and if you value your life LOL you need to be extreme far away or it can definitely turn into an ugly scene very quick.

But for the Moon it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have an atmosphere like Earth, so if it was Earth that the meteorite was aiming for the gas atmosphere would 

Pic-05202013-004simply burn it up due to the friction that is caused when entering into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Another thing is thismeteor shower that was taking place on the Moon, and it was also said that out in Ontario at the University of Western Ontario sky cameras had picked up meteor shower activity taking place here on Earth this past Friday.


The culprit in this is no doubt the infamous “asteroid belt”, which at the time was in sync orbit of Earth and some of the meteor debris was hurled in our direction as well as the Moon’s.


Bad deal for the Moon, again because it doesn’t have an atmosphere like Earth to protect us for situations like that.


(Video Credit: ScienceAtNASA)



The Moon Gets A Nasty Wake-up Call


(By: Jaye Irons)

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