Violent Tornado Runs Through Oklahoma..

Violent Tornado Runs Through Oklahoma..


  Pic-05222013-001Moore, Oklahoma residents are just left devastated, due to the aftermath that a “class 5” tornado leveled their whole town. And after the wake of the aftermath, then of course starts the search for any survivors that might be in wait for a rescue.

A Fire fighter chief had stated that he is “98 percent sure”, that there is no one else to be accounted for. So seemingly the rescue squads have done all of their scouting to find anyone else confirming that their search party has covered the area carefully.

And there was a rating on this Tornado’s level of strength, putting it at a category five hurricane level”. So anybody basically want to take shelter like in a downstairs (reinforced) cellar, or if you don’t have a place like that to go to. LOL then just don’t stand there, run to a neighbor’s house to their basement for cover because you cannot be up on solid ground while not being expected to be just blown-away by the tornado’s swinging current.

The tornado was pushing wind speeds up to 190 miles per hour, so you know with speeds that fast any objects on the ground will be swept away like a rag doll very quickly.

And yea I hear if you are caught in a “twisting funnel”, it will not be pretty at all the scene of someone just getting smashed around inside of the funnel at a maddening height. Oh yea I didn’t forget, it’s like a vacuum inside if someone get sucked up into it then more in likely they will suffocate.

That’s why I couldn’t understand that part in the movie Wizard of Oz“, when Dorothy‘s whole house is up in the air being man-handled by a vicious tornado how

Pic-05222013-003 she could even breathe.. It would be impossible I’m thinking.

The death toll in this massacre has claimed at least 24 people, and also nine kids. 

The more devastating storm that happened was the one in Joplin, Mo which was 2 years ago and had claimed the lives of 158 people and even other people who did survive were injured after it’s aftermath.

So in the last 6 decades, there has been 59 of these type tornadoes (EF-5‘s), that have roamed on land in the U.S.

And it’s just the ‘aftermath’ that is just unbelievable, towns have been reduced to literal debris after these twisters go through a town scattered debris and all of this leaves individuals with the task of re-building from any losses at that point.

It’s unfortunate that the people of Moore, Oklahoma would have this come their way.. God bless the people there.


(Video Credit: Hokunyday)




Violent Tornado Runs Through Oklahoma..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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