Soldier Is Killed After Terrorist Attack (UK)

Soldier Is ‘Beheaded’ (UK)


ThumbnailTwo men attacked a British soldier, and had been brutally hacked to death (The Men Reportedly Beheaded The Soldier). This happened on a south London street location area and events had stemmed from a ‘terrorist’ attack.

The two men that attacked the soldier was shouting out Islamic Slogans”, and the message seemed to be directed in the most viral way and has turn the head and attention on the UK government quickly.

But the two men that had plotted the attack on the soldier, they were shot after they murdered him by Police.

They were shot approximately 200 yards from an army barracks

The victim himself was wearing a shirt that was standing for a cause, and that cause was called “Help for Heroes“.

The men at the time were armed with a variety of blades from knives, and they also brandished a machete.

Now the man who was the Soldier (Was Holding A Knife And Had Bloodied Hands), was making a statement and said the following words..

UK Soldier: “You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you. I apologize that women had to witness that, but in our lands our women have to see the same thing.”  – end quote.

After that the soldier was attacked by the men, and after he was killed the men then waited at the scene of the crime (These Guys Were Nuts Indeed) until the Police had showed up on the scene. 

Pic-05232013-001Bystanders surrounded the victim and tried to help him after the attack had happened.

These guys then tried to attack the Police when they had showed up LOL, and that’s where they were shot by the authorities and then thy were taking to separate hospitals were one of the attackers is listed in serious condition.

Bystanders surrounded the victim and tried to help him 

And the attack by the terrorists, was said to be linked to Nigerian origins. 

Prime Minister David Cameron had returned back to London after he was visiting France, and he called for an emergency national security meeting.

Cameron definitely believes that this was a terrorist plot, and wanted to address the issue as soon as possible.

And the exact area of the attack that happened was in the Woolwich district (Southeast), and not far from there is an army barracks.

The t-shirt that the soldier was wearing “Help for Heroes” , is a charity foundation that was established to help wounded British veterans that were in combat fighting in war.

British troops were sent to Afghanistan, to fight in the war from 03′-09′ and they had been there since 2001. 

At this point the authorities are gathering any facts and any other details to the story behind this event.

And no further comments are told so far..


(Video Credit: RT)


———————————–Bystander’s Comments In Details Of the Attack Vid Below————————————


Soldier Is Killed After Terrorist Attack (UK)


(By: Jaye Irons)

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