Riots Happening Out In Sweden? WTF..

Trouble In Paradise.. Stockholm, Sweden?


Pic-05252013-001Ok now I don’t know what has prompted all of this to take place, but I will start off saying one thing.. This kinda sounds a little like the post story I did about the mall riot, that had went down at Ford City Mall in Chicago not that long ago.

But this one just baffles me all together, because this time it’s out in Sweden..

Yea that’s right Sweden, this country I really never hear about much of trouble at all but just how they have some kick-ass great ski slopes & resorts that people flock to like squirrels to nuts and acorns.

So why in the world is there trouble in paradise there?

Well from what has been told about the riots thus far, it has a lot to do with youths (Like What Happened At Ford City Mall) that have apparently went “ape-shit” on it’s own community ‘acting -a-fool’ and in some cases they were even raising the bar and “burning down the house” if you will with small businesses.

Pic-05252013-004Now most of the activity to these riots have been taking place in Husby, which is supposedly a decent suburb and doesn’t appear to be or have that trouble look of neighborhood riff-raft problems.

But judging from these act of clear “defiance” from the youth there, it is looking pretty obvious that the community has been having some unsettled issues with the minors as of late.

(Apartments Set On Fire: Background Picture Left)

Now there are a few reasons why this has been outbreaks like a nasty virus.

There has been foreigners that have migrated out they way, now some of them could be Spanish immigrants or Arabic that have been working long exhausting hours mainly from doing “Menial Jobs”, (That’s Tough Ass Labor Work) and they board the metro trains late at night returning home.

And also before I continue on, these immigrants have a dam hard time trying to get “white collar employment”. 

And some will sell hot dogs (Small Gig Type Jobs Of Self-Empolyment) finding a way but on the low-end to make a little money, and maybe just enough to get over the hump to survive.

And another thing is Sweden now has a lot of foreigners from various countries trying to make a living out there.

Man I want to call this something like a “Reversed American Angle Theory”, on that one because a lot of struggling people from other countries that might have come from their homelands to maybe see if they can do better here instead of where they originate.

I even did a post about Greece, and how they formed a “Nazi Political Party”, out there and aimed their attentions toward foreigners and driving them out of their country because they say foreigners are ‘smothering’ all the jobs that they should only be entitled to have. And in one of the cases there, a Afghanistan man was beaten almost to death by some guys belonging to the Nazi group and spent 2 weeks in the hospital, because he ignored warnings to leave Athens and never to return.

So it kinda starts to put an image into one’s head and then you have to say to yourself..

“Are some of the immigrants there young?”..

And could that be half of the problems, and explanations to the riots out in various parts of Sweden?

More in likely I think, but there could be other factors as well that probably “fueled” some issues and frustrations that just go viral eventually.

But all in all, people do have to eat and live somewhere LOL so they have to work to make that happen right?..

But maybe things might go better for towns like Husby, but it look very unsure to tell just have to wait and see what happens..


(Video Credit: AlJazeeraEnglish)



Riots Happening Out In Sweden? WTF..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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