What is the REAL IRS Cover-up That Is Kryptonite To Republicans?

A IRS Scandal That Republicans Say “No-Way” To..


Pic-05272013-002Well the thing about the IRS is this. We don’t really care for the IRS, but at the same time they are a necessity. Now for what reason exactly WHY there are needed in this country, it’s kinda hard to say really.

Just like over in Englandthe subjects (People) there at one time spoke out about the importance of the Queen, her rule and reign over the historical country there.

And you would be surprised to know that a lot of people there, wonder just what true good is she doing for them.

See I wrote a post about Elizabeth a long time ago.. And that post was called “Queen Elizabeth II: Is A False Monarch Closely Related To The Rothschilds And The Vatican?”…

And in that post I talked about the powers that she possesses, at the tip of her fingertips, (And Boy This Girl Has A Lot Of It LOL) and if she could if she so chooses can change the game of politics and start a complete uproar with her authority if she wanted to and it would be dam near impossible to stop her.

But does she have that chink in her “armor”, like others as well as her that have just too much power? I think so..

The point of bringing her up for this brief moment is how the people there hate to pay high taxes, and it is a thing that Elizabeth “oversees”  on an annual regime.

So you might have figured out it is the same way it goes when we deal with the IRS, you can see them like a “Queen Elizabeth II” because they hold all of the cards when it comes to terrorizing us about what we owe & same time they are right there to collect that tax inquiry on us in a heartbeat.

And if you don’t pay up for the taxes, then expect to feel that full weight of the IRS come smashing down on you like it’s no tomorrow in your future to see…

So what about the thing that has Republicans feeling uneasy about certain IRS ‘controversial actions’, that sends them running in the opposite direction? Well grab a chair and some popcorn, because this will get you a little ‘fired up’ from what will be said about this topic of discussion.


Things That The IRS Want To Do Behind Your Back That’s Not Nice


Now the thing is lies are being told everyday, every hour, when you’re at work, or hanging out wherever, the opportunity that you might hear a “fabricated straight lie” is always there.

But sometimes we can’t tell what is really going on..

So doesn’t it make you wonder, what goes on in the higher-ups like the IRS or other political functions of sorts?

You have to admit, it does bring up some points of interests here especially when it deals with paying taxes and the endless need for us to be subjected to unnecessary “tax hikes”.

Abe Lincoln is not all too happy about the hikes that Illinois (Lincoln’s Land Of The Free) is facing, he’s looking down from above just probably shaking his head in utter frustration.

So what does it all have to do with the IRS, it has everything to do with the IRS.

As you might have heard, and another post I did about the IRS’s blunder of accusing ‘foul play’ on the Tea Party Factions thinking that they were basically stealing from Uncle Sam and us the taxpayers. And claim that they were squandering donation money, but they were wrong.

  • It was a blunder
  • An IRS blunder
  • And the IRS had to eat some well deserved crow, after their obvious “F-up”

Pic-05272013-001 And they even had to throw out an apology to the Tea Party campaigners haha. 

Click this link to read more there on that post...

So the bottom line here is this, the IRS isn’t different from anyone that chooses to lie their ass off until we– “we the tax payers” are just blue or rather navy blue in the dam face..

The s*it isn’t fair to us, we break our dam backs working our asses off, and then your told you better pay for the taxes at tax break season or else you will “face the consequences”.

But yet they go behind our back on some controversial B.S., trying to say why we have to pay more taxes or getting tax hiked up the ass.

But why should we have to pay more and more? Why I ask do we have to?..

It just doesn’t add up.

And you’re left saying to yourself… “Man where is that draft coming from, my backside is chilly.” Probably because IRS is driving a big fat one right up that ***”  😦

So now the IRS scandal has hit the District of Columbia at the “White House“, and I gotta say Obama is not laughing on the matter, not one bit.

The IRS is now the ones under the microscope, getting targeted for “corruptible gameplay” and notions that they themselves cooked up simply for lying to us the people of the USA.

And that could just be one of the many reasons republicans have just back completely away from the corruption that has IRS have been dishing lately… Now what that word for petty criminals in a  neighborhood, oh yea “hooligan-like modern-day thugs”.

IRS (thug-a-nomics) 101 edition..




What Is The REAL IRS Cover-up That Is Kryptonite To Republicans?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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