Beyonce Is Seeing Red After Fan’s Physical Gesture..

Beyonce Gets Slapped In The Wrong Place By Fan..


Pic-05282013-001When I heard about this situation about Beyonce getting slapped at a concert performance, I thought right then… “Dam what did she do in order to get slapped by a fan at her own concert performance.

But it wasn’t what I had thought, I just had flicked on my laptop and saw the headline simply saying.. Beyonce Gets Slapped At Concert!” 

I thought right then, whoever did that must have been eating through a straw by now haha because the girl does have bodyguards that watch her like a hawk I’m sure.

So trying to approach her up close unless she says it’s cool, wouldn’t be all to wise..

Well someone forgot to tell this one fan, who braved the frigid waters of “Hell has no fury like a Beyonce scorned!”

Because they did something that really pissed her the f* off, and that was slapping her on the buttocks.

Yup from what went down at her concert on Monday night out in Copenhagensome brave soul (Rather Fool LOL) had made the bold attempt to smack her on her butt and succeeded. And that was all it took to have Beyonce seeing the red, like a bull that sees a matador flinging back and forth a red cape and a signal like that can be pretty dangerous haha.

But check it out the situation was based on a “close proximity” setting, because Beyonce at one point of her performance had went onto a smaller stage that allows her to have the ability to actually interact with the fans that had come to see her perform.

And as she continued on with her performance of her song “irreplaceable”, that is where a guy in the audience decided to display his uncontrollable urge to smack her butt.

But Beyonce didn’t break too much from the performance of her song, but she did tell the guy in a nice manner that he will be escorted out of the concert.

And I’m just thinking he is a lucky ass, that her bodyguards didn’t take him in the back for some private time you know..

And umm.. it’s no cake back there in the “private time” room. They only serve knuckle sandwiches by the pound.

LOL I could just imagine what Jay-Zwould do about that if he was there.. Dude probably would have been taking a trip to the local arena hospital out that way haha.. 

I saw another dumb guy that did something equally as stupid when Lady Gaga was leaving from a hotel, don’t know why this guy tried this. But Lady Gaga was exiting the hotel and fans was cheering her on as she smile and walked toward the turnstile revolving door.

That is when this one guy in the crowd, ran toward her trying to either grab her or something not sure and her bodyguard knocked the s@#! out of him haha..

That was crazy to see that, Gaga just looked back for a second and carried on her way. 

So really as a fan just remember one thing or one rule, don’t touch the buttocks of a performing star LOL (Especially Not At Their Own Concert LIVE). Because you might get your face as well as your fingers re-structured in the worst way.


(Video Credit: PhuckYourVideoz)



Beyonce Is Seeing Red After Fan’s Physical Gesture..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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