Cyberhub Is Faking (Writing Articles) For Consumers?..

“The Cyberhub Conspiracy Theory”


Pic-05292013-003Well I did a little digging on Cyberhub, if you don’t know them they are the ones that people go to when they want to have their articles published..

Now the whole key point to using their services, is to curve the ‘downtime’ that someone will have to put into writing their own articles. And nowadays with so much going on in the everyday life of the average person, it can be very difficult and tiresome to try keeping up with 25 different things all at once.

So if you’re like me and had an ideal of putting together a website, and you wanted to turn around and sell the site (After You Optimize It Of Course SEO‘s Rules).

Then you might want to build it up good and maybe even throw in some great SEO optimized articles into it, that might catch the attention of interested buyers.

And like I said before that’s where Cyberhub would come in, if you don’t have that type of time to actually sit down and produce articles for your site.

Well I hate to say it but I did come across a article that caught my eye quickly. 

And I wanted to take the time to hash out this post, in case you might be thinking to run with Cyberhub and use their services (Especially If You Are Going To Put Up Some Money For Your Articles They Are To Write For You).

So down below is a link you need to click on, and you need to sit up and take notice and attention as to what Cyberhub is about.

I tell you I’m glad I saw that post, it might have just saved me some money.. Because again I work, so it’s hard for me to find time to do other things that I want to like many out there in the world.

Alright take care and click the link below…


(Cyber Hub Bad Review)    😦

Cyberhub Is Faking (Writing Articles) For Consumers?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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