911 Call: Man Makes A Claim Of Bigfoot Sighting?..

A Man And The Bigfoot Theory..


Pic-05302013-002So this guy makes a call a 911 call to an operator, which seems to be nothing out of the norm. And the call could be very urgent, either for him or he could have been calling to save a life that is in desperate need.

But neither is the case, in fact you could say that this call could be something either from “The Outer Limits“, or better yet from the prehistoric era.

(The Picture Top Right Is Not Of John WineSickle Continue Reading To The Next Photo)

Well that could be the thing here in this situation, because the call this dude made to 911 was about him claiming to have spotted the legendary footprints “Bigfoot” himself.

(Yea Bigfoot’s Feet Not Elvis‘s This Time People)..

Now how it all happen was like this.. The guy was walking along a path that was in the woods, and on his journey through the wood trail the founder of the supposed huge footprints that John Winesickle was totally convinced that what he had come across was the foot trails of Bigfoot.

Now you have to imagine what the operator probably though right off at that point, LOL I can just picture the face of  whoever was on the other side of the headset microphone receiver.

So after his claim and the operator probably hysterically dispatched an officer to assist Winesickle upon his discovery (A Embarrassing Find No Doubt), the officer that arrived to check out what Winesickle had seen. And determined that it was nothing more than bear tracks that formed a trail.

(There’s That Wild And Crazy Guy Pictured Left)

Pic-05302013-003 firmly stood behind what he believes to be Bigfoot, and denying the officer’s analysis of the scene.

But never the less, now Winesickle has started some viral controversy behind his supposed find and the media is flocking upon it like birds perched on an electric power line.

But let’s looks at this from a distance, this.. Topic haha.

Now most people would think that guy is smoking something, and I’m not just talking about how household cleaning brands like Comet which can be used to well how you say.. Lighten the mental mood of things in your life.

But in this case of what this guy is saying, a psychiatrist would even probably scribble down a few of his syllables (Words) and then after the therapy session would probably tell Mr. Winesickle you know to stay put LOL, as some guys in white uniforms carrying to twisty-tie hand cuffs come and escort Johnny boy to a all white room with an already adjusted reclined stretch out chair you see..

That’s what I see on the end of his claim..

I mean Bigfoot?.. Really?.. We all do know that next year will be 2014, and this is the season for all kinds of crazy to stur up now that it approaches the summer days of chaotic and weird people from who knows where origins.

Pic-05302013-004See I could go along a little bit with it, if lets say he mentioned seeing a UFO.. I could cut him some slack there.

But a 8-9 foot tall “Bigfoot”, LOL s*it I need proof and not just some tracks that he took an officer to and said something like..

what Winesickle would probably say to back-up his findings to the sheriff : “See Sheriff I told ya look!! Look at the big ass foot tracks, well you could fit both of our feet, a kangaroo’s feet, and a quarter of Shaquille O’ Neal‘s foot in there and still have a little bit of space for the shoelace to drop and just lay there on the edge of the outline of the print…

I just can’t go along with that if he did say a statement that far off the wall haha..And footprints can be faked so no see I need detailed proof like most of the people would say as well..

But hey it’s getting hotter now, summer is approaching, people are just going ape-silly and nuts :-).

I say run with it, and see where the story goes..

I just hope though a Bigfoot turns up in Winesickle’s case, because I did see the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and I would hate to see the guy wind up under the care of “Big Nurse” LOL (She Was A Cold Evil Nurse Watching Over The Patients In The  Movie Mainly Jack Nicholson..) 

So to make it short ride this story out, and see what happens later people..


(Video Credit: HotNues)



911 Call: Man Makes A Claim Of Bigfoot Sighting?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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