Center Of The Earth: Is It A Secret Damnation For The Damned?

Gonna Tell You About A Story…


Pic-05312013-001And It’s not a once upon a time type, just to kick this post off in a rather ‘controversial manner’. Me and two other guys where talking about the center of the earth, and what could possibly be underneath the layers of the mantle and granite rock crust that surrounds the Earth’s core, like a M&M candy coated shell.

Chris was telling me and Alex, about a situation that came up when some researchers decided to do a little experiment that went pretty much on the extreme level and believe this when I say this will “grip the shit out of you”, it will when I tell you what’s what in a minute.

But first have to continue to add ‘weight’ to the suspense of this story.

So Chris was  saying that these researchers had decided to take a journey right, but it wasn’t nothing like a ‘set for sail’ journey around the world in 80 days or nothing like that.

It was much the opposite and the journey was not even top side based on either land or water or air..

This was a journey to the “Center Of The Earth”, that’s right sounds crazy yea but it’s gets more interesting as I paste into words that Chris goes on to say to me and Alex.

Well his story was different from what I going to repeat, but there is a post on this topic so I will be leaving a link to the site so you can read more about it 🙂 

Now as these researchers (Geological Group) had drilled a hole about 14.4 kilometers into the crust of the Earth itself, then they got noisy like most researchers do to learn the facts and lured a tape recorder down into the hole that they had drilled and they let it sit for a while (From What Chris Told Me It Was Hours).

And what scientists were saying was that, they could hear the screams of people very human-like and from what was suggested they were “condemned souls” that were shouting out.

I mean think about it, it is about what so many thousands of degrees of heat at the center of the Earth. Yea you can forget the sun-block 5,000 with UV-sunscreen, that’s not doing anything for you at all.

Pic-05312013-002Now after their discovery, scientists were just down right horrified of what they think could be true.

And the next question had come up to reference where do evil-doers that don’t ask for forgiveness go then?..

Do they go to the center of the Earth?.. Is that a ‘hell-bound” type of purgatory or what?

The discovery was so out there in terms of “theory”, that scientists had dropped away from the project all together..

And that’s not all, because they “breached” what was covered-up in the area that they drilled into (Dam Noisy Scientists They Just Have To Take A Peek At Everything Right LOL), now they are saying that they might have unleashed evil powers upon Earth.

So I did this post as requested by Chris, he thought it would be an “eye opener” to many in the world and he thought this should be shared with others so you know me.. I just had to go and put it out there into my own words haha..

So click the link and check out the web-page, that has more on this subject..


Center Of The Earth: Is It A Secret Damnation For The Damned?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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