Amelia Earhart Airplane Mystery Might Be Solved..

Historical Aviator’s Plane Discovered?


Pic-06012013-002Ameila Earhart was a driven young lady that had a vision, that vision would lead her to become one of the most decorated pilots to ever board an aircraft vehicle.

She did however face some obstacles becoming a pilot, one reason is the time that she wanted to become a pilot was back in the 20’s.

Now you have to know back then women got a lot of bullshit about doing what the Male counterpart was doing then, and that was either inventing, or being the bread-winner of the family, and you can definitely put flying an airplane up there on top of list.

But that’s how it was in those days, women was looked at as being “not fit”, to take on a challenge of that magnitude and they would passed over for opportunities in a heart-beat without question.

And they weren’t the only ones, because minorities had it bad like that as well..

But Earhart wasn’t the type to back down from being told “No you can’t do that, you’re a girl and should not even think of doing such a foolish thing in the first place.”

Pic-06012013-004But did Earhart care about what was told to her?.. I don’t think so, because the girl did become a pilot anyway, despite that fact of having many obstacles trying to stand in her way.

So it is obvious that Earhart was a “tomboy”, especially as a little girl because what she liked to do a lot of other girls would pass on thinking that it is something more for a boy to do.

Earhart would climb trees, go on rat hunts (Hunting Rats With A Rifle), and she also liked to go sledding downhill ( I Guess In The Wintertime In The Snow) she gave it a fitting name of the event calling it “belly-slamming” on the sled.

LOL the girl even constructed a make-shift mini “roller coaster”, that her uncle help her to build. This girl was what you would call “vintagely awesome”, simply because she had no limits in terms of fear and she had a drive for the thrill of aviation.

And maybe some people don’t know this about her as well, she came from a fairly wealthy family. So she had it good as a kid, until well her Father who was a heavy-alcoholic “literally” drain the family currency dry from his addiction habit and even wrecked it as well.

It put Amelia in the position at that point to take on more grown-up responsibilities sooner than she had expected, her Father would find work later after he went through rehabilitation to kick the drinking habit he had.

Earhart would then enroll into Central High School, and then her Father (Edwin Earhart) decided to make a transfer from St. Paul, Minnesota to Springfield, Missouri wanting to get his previous job back involving law enforcement (He Was A Former Cop).

But the move would put his wife Amy Earhart (Amelia’s Mother), in a comprising situation of sorts and she had nowhere to go. So Amy move to Chicago to stay with friends there, while Amelia went to Hyde Park High School and she wasn’t happy there she was known as — A.E. (The Girl In Brown Who Walks Alone).

But she graduated from Hyde Park High, and continued on to reach for an aspiring career most of which were aligned to favor males rather than females.

She also learned mechanics, she was into poetry,she watched pilots at air-shows flying planes (Which Sparked Her Flying Career As An Aviator), and she was an author as well.

After she did take flight to fly over the Atlantic in 1937, she and her aircraft had mysteriously vanished and that is what lead up to now after years of wondering minds thinking.. What ever happened to Amelia Earhart?

Well maybe now after nearly 80 years, the answers might finally be pieced together to solve the mystery of her disappearance..




Amelia Earhart Airplane Mystery Might Be Solved..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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