Twitter For Business (Breaking The Box Open For Followers)..

Twitter Insights: A Little Twitter 101 Intro..


Pic-06012013-005Now me myself I will tell didn’t understand exactly how Twitter truly works, and I saw this one video by “I am the SEO Guy” and he breaks it down very well as to how you can boost your credibility high on “Twitter”.

Now before I say anything more, gonna share, share, share some of my own intake and opinions about twitter.

First off when I started blogging last year, I of course was completely new to the social medias, and the different platforms that they are based upon.

So a few of them like..

  • Facebook
  • Twitter (becoming one of the biggest as of late)
  • Tweetdeck
  • Tweetpi
  • Stumbled Upon
  • Delicious
  • Linkedin
  • My Space (LOL yea it’s still around and one of the most now “ancient” of  the media platforms.
  • Wikipedia (I know what you’re gonna say about Wiki but I’ll explain to you in a few moments 🙂

These here are some of the social media channels mentioned, but there are others as well that hold weight to engaging with the masses that are on these platforms everyday either, socializing with others, conducting business, or just looking for some friendly talk time with people in general.

But the one thing that people who are looking to take to these platforms for business purposes, brings up a clearly different angle all together. And if you are a person that is trying to grow a business but seem to be, lacking healthy traffic to your site then I want to focus there on that issue for a few minute or two.

And this is what I the SEO Guy“, had said that will make it clear to you as it did for me (Even Though I Figured It Had To Be A Way To Obtain Twitter Followers, In The Most Conventional Way That Seems To Hold True To Any Business).

So the basics that you are told about getting started with twitter..

  1. You will hear by word of mouth to create account
  2. Uploading a photo of yourself on your twitter page
  3. Interacting with others on the twitter platform
  4. Spending time online on twitter (not all day but an hour, maybe a little more to talk about what you have to offer)

Pic-06012013-008Number 4# is key definitely, you have to spend time on twitter to promote what you talk about to others (So You Want To Tweet Out Your Ideals And Compare With Others Your Ideals With Theirs).

(Zeke even knows the importance of twitter, so he will bust out a pair of reading glasses to better analysis what goes on when he paw-mashes out a few tweets to his buddies pictured left)

But you do go through the other 3 steps, definitely creating an account LOL because if you don’t create an actual twitter account well do the math… Then you can’t tweet about dilly jack squat.

Another things is align whatever you are going to talk about, toward what you are going to promote.

So the product or item etc.., that you are going to front on twitter should be taking seriously.

Because think of it this way, a healthy business is the “threshold” to bigger opportunities. A struggling business is just a “damned one”, that’s just a plain and simple logical viewpoint of it.

It took me 8 months myself, to understand how to blog..

And from the beginning, I wanted to beat my head against a brick wall to understand where to start..

I had the dam ideals LOL, but blogging was just so new to me and once I started to learn a little more about it. Well it became fun to do, I did some trial and error brain-storming when writing about different topics.

It has increased my I.Q. definitely, I mean I use to hate politics because it was a topic that I didn’t really care for and thought well what do it matter about it anyway.

So when I started to do some posts about different political issues, it made things a lot clearer to me and it increased my knowledge on the subject all together.

Now I’m like an information box, and can talk to you guys about a lot more things that I thought was ever possible for me to do after almost a single year’s time.

Knowledge we know is a key, blogging is a tool that one can use to grasp the keys and find the right door to open it to the “good stuff” (Information) which goes so far and once it’s yours… Well my friend LOL then No one can take it from you ever! 

Remember before I did say in the post about how the Government uses the social medias against us in their own twisted way, and to keep people ignorant from even trying to better themselves in any way and they censor info that can be vital for us our advancement in this f**ked up world called “Planet Earth“.

But the thing about twitter will shake you up a little, most others that of course know about how to acquire the necessary traffic to a site maybe a little simpler then you might have thought.

Ah yea Wikipedia a social media I say? It is because think about it, what better way to talk up some good conversation just about anything. You can basically find it there because it’s like a giant e-book of an encyclopedia that just goes viral to the public.

Free info from there as well as my blog LOL, can be a powerful thing wouldn’t you think?

So click the link below and check out “I am The SEO Guy’s” vid and you’ll discover some of the hidden politics that sets the guidelines for becoming a success on twitter (One Of The Most Difficult Social Media Platform To Prosper On).. Enjoy 🙂


Update on “I am the SEO Guy” …

Something still didn’t seem right about the whole lending out followers by simply paying very little money to obtain followers for Twitter, and I did a further check on this topic and.. you know.. I did find some information about that “Choafa” (The User Name Of “I am the SEO Guy” in the YouTube vid is conning people out of their money).

You know it’s just a dam shame about people who just aren’t honest, when it comes to helping people… This just sucks ass completely.. Later guys.

Something just told me to double-check on this, so click the link below this to read more..


Twitter For Business (Breaking The Box Open For Followers)..


(By: Jaye irons)

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