Twisted Metal: One Crazy Ass Car Demolition Game!

 There Was Fire, Destruction, And Twisted Metal!


Pic-06022013-001Was the words that one of Sweettooth’s dwarf henchmen would say (I Wanna Say The Voice-Over Is Done By Mark Hamill From Star Wars But I Don’t Know Really), during the intro to Twisted Metal 4“. I really am going to enjoy talking about this crazy car battle tournament game, that really had preceded itself when it first came out in 1995. 

This was the time that Playstation had just started off it’s run in the gaming world on it’s gaming platform wet behind the ears (It Was In It’s Adolescent Stage), and games like “Twisted Metal” was just starting to really break the ice for gamers over the country and of course later over the world.

Sony had taken the first steps to fully integrate into the game world scene, and eventually as you know Bill Gates (The Godfather Of Microsoft) would rival against Sony’s Playstation and bring out his invention called Xbox.

But right now we’re going to rap about Twisted Metal.. 

So what exactly is Twisted Metal you’re thinking probably, well it’s rather simple really.

It is a game or rather a car demolition to the death type deal, where combatants that customize their vehicles (Adding Armor Plating To Them, Adding Machine Guns, Grenade launchers, In Some Cases Some May Even Sport RPG-7 or Rocket Launchers).

Pic-06022013-002Other weapons can also be used like napalm launchers, ricochets, freeze blasters, etc.. etc..  They can also go invisible to trick an unsuspecting opponent and you can then unleash a “very nasty attack” upon them however you decide to go about it.

And the characters are just screwed-up beyond comprehension.

Particularly the main two characters of the game which are Calypso and Sweettooth. Now the thing is this Calypso basically runs the show from the first entry to the game itself (Part 1), the others are just the contestants that enter the demolition derby battle part of the game.

The overall goal of it is this, whoever wins the tournament, gets to claim their ultimate prize.

This is where Calypso comes in and grants the winner anything he or she wishes, so he is kinda like a “Genie” of some sorts.

And with his supernatural ability to bend and twist reality to his will, can make the winner’s dreams become real.

Sweettooth from the beginning, had first witnessed the demolition carnival that came to his town when he was a boy. And if anybody that is a “Twisted Metal Fan” knows what his dream was LOL, and that was to become the menacing evil clown that he is to wreak havoc and destruction.. And also to be the top man who controls the Twisted Metal tournament.

And he did just that in the intro to “Twisted Metal 4”, by over-throwing Calypso from his seat of power and making himself the new “Boss” and also combatant of the tournament itself.

Pic-06022013-003Now I never played the very first TM1, of the series but I know that Sweettooth’s Father Darktooth is the “Boss” to battle at the end of (Part 2) but what role exactly does Darktooth play I still don’t know to this day.

The game also has storylines to each character, as well as hidden characters that must be unlocked and you have to win the tournament to use them, or in some cases you have to complete a ‘certain battle level or stage’ in order to unlock them.

The later installment of the game Twisted Metal Black (TM5), was online based as well as offline. So with it being online, you could battle others online which made the game a lot more interesting because the computer would only come at you ‘a certain way‘ per se. But if you are online playing against an “actual” individual, things would more in likely have a different outcome in the battle.

So enough talk, check it out below and enjoy..


(Video Credit: GameMafias)   “Twisted Metal 4 Intro”


(Video Credit: Scorpionfreeze)   “Twisted Metal 5 Music Intro”


Twisted Metal: One Crazy Ass Car Demolition Game!


(By: Jaye Irons)


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