Tony Hawk: Pro Skater Was A Deceit Game..

Tony Hawk The Pro Skater In Digiy Land


Pic-06032013-001This isn’t really one of my favorite games when it came out, I use to just play it with my nephew Dwan and he was really good at it. His other friend Marsan, was also good at it I was average. 

But the game itself of course as most might be thinking right off, is about pulling bad-ass skateboard tricks off for big points. Players will have to learn different moves like grinding off of guard rails while balancing themselves, crazy flips that seem impossible, or high-flying aerials that are seemingly death-denying acts (And Yea If You Mess Up A High Flying Aerial Move Your Character In The Game Will Feel The Hurt From Landing The Wrong Way).

Now you have to understand each one of those are just single moves that you can pull off in the game, but what happens if you combine an aerial with a ridiculous flip and say you started all of that from grinding a rail from a structure 15 feet high LOL..

If you pull that off correctly, you would get a sh*t load of points for the effort.

And if you are playing against others you can win against them or vice-versa, depending on who racks up the largest combos. Other factors like time also play into your overall score or bonuses that can be added to your score.

Then it’s also something called the flow meter“, that is built up as the player performs their moves rallying towards huge combos that can help them to crush Pic-06032013-002their opponent’s score if of course again they don’t screw up their combos while doing so.. And if you had points built up and you were to fall off the skate board, they get taken away except for what you earned at that point thus far.

(LOL Grinding On The Guardrail 20 Feet Up With A Boom Box In Hand With Perfect Balance My Ass!)

The game has a total of 9 levels all together.

Then it was the “career mode”, that you had to start from the beginning into the game, and it was these “hidden tapes” that the player had to find in the game.

This is where Dwan and his friend Marsan, where really good at doing because they knew where the tapes was LOL I didn’t.

And finding all of the tapes would eventually spell out the secret word “SKATE”, and from there would determine if you would get either the “bronze”, “silver”, or “gold” medal which varies depending on the overall performance of the player’s moves and allowed time to find the types.

So in “multiplayer mode”, you can compete with friends to see who is the best between any two that challenge each other.

And in case you wondered, yea Tony Hawk himself was signed to a deal with Activisionto star in his own game. So when you are pulling off some of those moves on the skateboard, you’re basically pulling off Hawk’s moves that have been captured in a game and is showing on the television screen or whatever you have to watch it on (The Main Menu Music Would Get Me Hyped-up To Play It Everytime haha).

So check it out below..


(Main Menu Song)



(Video Credit: OfficialNerdCubed)



Tony Hawk: Pro Skater Was A Deceit Game..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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