“The Taco Bell Licker Catches A Cannonblast!”

I’ll Lick The Shells But Won’t Make Any Sales..


Pic-06042013-001LOL sh*t isn’t that the truth, and that is because of what a Taco Bell employee had done despite of the fact that the image photo that was taken of him just going “down right ape shit” licking a stack of corn shelled tacos at the franchise restaurant.

Now to what is said about this whole situation, that has Facebook & Twitter are just biting into this left and right like a juicy volcano taco just sitting innocently on the counter waiting to be sampled has got customers steaming bright red like Rudolph the reindeer’s red nose.

Yea that’s pretty dam red of anger if ever.

And this was apparently a part of some type of  ‘contest’ that was supposed to be employees that was to sample a bite of the franchise’s product, and the rules were pretty simple and to the point. Which meant no vulgar images of any kind that would violate the terms of the contest“.

So of course as you know, somebody just had to go ‘extreme’ and f-up the contest by posting this onto a social media platform and from there it will be heard over half of America just past Noon already LOL.

Let’s face it, if you do some stupid sh*t like these idiots, all that it takes to get you into a world of dog douey and get you fire fast would be this haha.

Pic-06042013-002Remember camera phones are your enemy more that your friend, if you catch my drift..

Yea so after the employees did their deed of saturating innocent taco shells with drool, he (Maybe The Girl Also) got Cannonblasted from the job later that day for their efforts.

And after all of that went down, an investigation launched to find out all of the facts as to why this had winded up on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

But isn’t that obvious, it had to have been another employee that took the picture with his / her phone and probably from there posted it for everybody else to see and witness.

But honestly LOL, who wants to know about that and they are hungry at the moment and probably wanted some Taco Bell. Yea ouch, because after that it will make some people think twice..

I remember one time, I was at Popeye’s Chicken and I order some food. So 5 minutes later after getting my food, it was half-cooked..

Now right off, I was very disappointed but I didn’t go off on any of the employees.. But I just told them, “Hey this chicken breast is still a little pink, could you finish heating  it up.

The girl turned and looked at me, like if I told her to go f* herself or something and then she just snatched the cardboard tray that the chicken was in and walked slowly to the microwave.

Yea then I was there, I was in the red and I glance off to the side out of the window and thought I had saw Rudolph’s red nose of fury whisking by past the window.

So I told the girl,..

Me: “You know what get the manager”.

Employee: “Why Sir?’

Me: “Just get the manager”.

Manager: “What is the problem Sir?”

From there I told him what happened, and that his employee was showing a nasty attitude, after I told her To finish cooking my food…

And you want to know what the manager did.

Nothing, yea that’s right not a damn thing..

He did however give me another chicken breast, but he was seemingly protecting the girl from what just had transpired and it was totally her fault.

So I started thinking to myself… Is the girl ‘buffing’ him off of what? Because I did not see much of any type of lecture from him to her on any account.

So can only say to that, maybe that is the case.

But it is not cool doing stuff like playing with people’s food, or just not giving a flying rat’s a*s about having respect for the customers.

Because the thing about this is nowadays, people will get out of the truck or some other type of automobile and carrying a gun and come have words with you..

So remember that. Alright now get out there, and go get you some Taco Bell LOL.. Just might want to go inside to get a closer look into what you are going to put down your throat.

Ah yea I did Forget, haha…

Ok line em’ up both of the “TB lickers”..

Starting on ready…

Taking the Aim…

Light the wick…


(Note: Click To Repeat “Cannonblast”)




(Video Credit: brand babu)



The Taco Bell Licker Catches A Cannonblast!


(By: Jaye Irons)

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