e-books or Print Books Which Is Better?

So What Is More Important Between The Two..


Pic-06082013-003Well right off you have to think that Printed Books were never going to go out of style and would be around forever.. LOL yea well that might have been true back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, or a stretch of roughly 60 years. In truth books have been around even longer of course let’s try hundreds of years ago, they have basically ruled the plane of existence that marked history in the making.

But as iconic as they were in their time then, they are facing extinction in this today time of now, and you had a lot of skeptics that felt that they would never go out in fashion and they even laughed at the thought of electronic books“, that might take over one day and completely change the lives of everybody on planet Earth.

Well that is the case it seems, and there are advantages to them that outweighs the advantages that traditional paperback books once held..


So What Makes e-books So Dam Great Anyway?..


Pic-06082013-002Well the beautiful thing about e-books is this. You can access the information a hell of a lot faster than you could for paperback books, most people who read regular books have a tendency to read at a slightly slower pace then they would if they were to read a e-book.

The mind is a funny thing, and it needs something to keep it stimulated.. Not to say that books are completely boring they are great indefinitely.

And a lot of critics were once convinced that e-books were just complete hype, and they didn’t want to admit that they were actually very compelling and more convenient than the typical “old style book”.

But once they tried out an e-book, LOL they were eating their own words as well as eating crow because they found out that reading e-books is actually a whole lot better and you can surf and sift faster through them than regular books.

What was The Rock’s signature phrase when he would come out and talk trash about an opponent in a wrestling match..

The most electrifying”… Stop right there you know the rest to that line.. Well most of you who are wrestling fans of WWE RAW, but that can be the thing to say about e-books they are the most electrifying invented thing to come along and take the world by storm.

And remember I did just do a post about Nicola Teslahe was the one who almost created the internet back in his time.. The guy was just scary smart, and a lot of people thought he was just some “eccentric nutjob”, that didn’t know what time of day it was and judged him as being just a lost soul. How wrong they were LOL, the problem with Tesla was that he was unfortunately born in an era where 2010 type of progress was looked at as being like an episode of Lost in Space“.

E-books also have another really huge advantage over paperback books as well, because they don’t take up space LOL..

Pic-06082013-005So if you have a “crammy type” of apartment, or you just don’t want a lot of books lying around your house 24/7. That is another reason why people have just moved onto higher technology over the primitive yesterday.

(You See The Picture To the Lower Right Is What You Would Call An Infestation Or “The Book Plague Syndrome”)

But don’t count paperbacks out just yet, they still have the one significance a significance that is responsible for creating e-books. You saying but you just said Jaye the ups of e-books over paperbacks, yea I know.

But where did the information come from to be put into words that people have talked about for generations?…

Yea I thought so paperbacks LOL, I mean think bout it information had to come from somewhere that was more traditional..

So it would be foolish to think that the information just rained down upon the electronic binary airwaves of the “net” from the clouds above. The most crucial information to be put into e-books are from traditional books plain and simple.

So both I think are excellent, regular books maybe on the decline but to get rid of them might not be the wisest thing to consider..

Someday they might still be needed for that piece of info that could complete an e-book’s paragraph or the keywords to a sentence yea?

So there you have it, but are great tools that can benefit us in a lot of ways so treasure them..


(Video Credit: chilivivi)



e-books or Printed Books Which Is Better?


(By: Jaye Irons)


Till then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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