German Particle Beam: Tesla Death Ray (scalar weapons)

Tesla Death Ray? (Scalar Weapons)..


Pic-05142013-002The world today is becoming highly advanced in the fields of technology, and at a quickening pace it seems.. Weapons of war and mass destruction have now been more exposed than it was back then, and it ‘s harder for the government to deny and say that everything that they do is deemed “top secret”.

And they feel that it is best for the public not to know exactly what they are up to, but you have social media platforms that can speak out about the secret on-goings of our precious government particularly in the aspects of war.

The Government has been dishonest was us, and recently has been focusing on greater weapon products of war that can pose a serious threat.

So what is a “tesla death ray”, well one short story about it is this.. In 1904 Nicola Tesla (pictured top right) from Yugoslavia, may have been the man behind the ‘German Partial Beam” that has been shielded from the public for decades. 

The secret is this..

The weapon can be directed by use of satellites, so the public wouldn’t have a clue as to what goes on behind the scenes of this secret “warfare”.

Scalar weapons can cause a multitude of disasters like..

  • earthquakes
  • hurricanes
  • tidal waves
  • cryogenic-freeze capabilities (freeze ray)
  • heat concentration in a wide spread area (heat combustion)
  • can induce hypnotic suggestions  in individuals
  • can ‘imprint’ diseases into one’s DNA cell structure
  • can paralyze or kill anyone within a certain distance range
  • can even manipulate time and placement of an object (quantum physics)

“Scalar Weapons”, like this tesla death ray can give a super power country total control on the battle fields of war. But innocent people may suffer a high price, at the expense of destructive weapons that are hidden in plain sight..


Nicola Tesla’s Role In All Of This..


Scary but true, that Tesla was indeed a sinister genius, and responsible for the ideas behind inventing the particle beam all becoming too real. But it does bring up the question, just how did he learn all of this or rather where did he pick up the knowledge to create / patent inventions like that…

Well the thing is he did work for Thomas Edisonback in the 1880’s after he came to the United States of AmericaAnd the guy was smart, he help create / patent  some inventions that made him known very fast such as..

  1. An (AC induction motor) — was licensed by George Westinghouse.
  2. Tesla help to develop a power system using an alternating current.
  3. He would conduct and is known for high-voltage & high-frequency power experiments ( out in New York and Colorado).
  4. He tampered with radio frequencies experiments and radio-wave transmissions.
  5. He even was so bold as to conduct X-ray experiments (Very Dangerous).

As for these tests or ideas that pondered through Tesla’s mind constantly, many would call him a “mad scientist”, because of the vast knowledge that he had possessed.

But lets get real, Tesla is just one of those type of people in the world that is unique in that way.
There is always somebody in this world, that has a unique talent.
And whatever that talent may be, can be the way people might define you.
But what’s the old saying just be “you”, and nobody else..
That could be the case right here of Nicola Tesla.
(Video Credit: MrFurling)

German Particle Beam: Tesla Death Ray (scalar weapons)

(By: Jaye Irons)

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