Colorado Might Shed Some Feathers? (51st State)

‘North Colorado State?’


Pic-06092013-001LOL I heard of democracies but this is something entirely new all together… So hear it is Colorado the state is now about to get a complete overhaul as residents in the northern Colorado of the state wants to form it’s own state all to itself.

This is what some are calling a ‘secede gesture’ or rather residents of the north of the state wants to secede from the rest of the state. 

(North Colorado Flag: Picture Top Right)

Now this brings up the question of why, because everybody else in America are trying to figure out just why the people of this state wants to form it’s own union to itself.

The answer might shock some by far, because this matter is dealing with the issues of political ties which are going to be severed if this really does happen.

The matter at hand is Colorado residents in rural areas, feel that Denver-based state legislature has converted and is leaning more to the liberal side (Political Standpoint) of things for some time now.

So this past Friday was when this was announced, that this could very well be the start or ‘birth’ of a new state in this country of the U.S.

“I myself didn’t see that one coming LOL, with all of the other crazy stuff that has been brought to light does it really shock me all that much… Not really. “

But if you look at this act of how the residents are going about all of this, it kinda takes you back in thought to how the war between the north and south had happened in America.

The Civil War” is an example of how the north had become what is called union, while the south was called confederacy“.

And that war lasted from 1861-65, and the whole angle of to that war was to prevent the expansion of slavery. Abe Lincoln and republicans had stood their ground and not wanting slavery to further proceed into America.

But the southern states did not agree with the decision to free slaves, and wanted the opposite (They Wanted Slavery To Grow).

And because of that issue, it had formed a war between the north and south. This is just an example of how states or citizens of a state or states might have different viewpoints and don’t see eye to eye of an issue, therefore they might ‘split off’ from each other and become divided.

But this is not the case for Colorado, this time now today it is a different situation involving this great state. 

Now another thing is that you have to think about constitutional laws that come into play, one of such refers to the 4th article of it which states…

Art 4 U.S. Constitution“No new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State: nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the consent of the legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”  — (Stated In The Constitution).

So Congress is the key in this, and for Colorado to change shape in becoming a separate ‘northern state’, well LOL Congress would have to vote on it for sure. Yea that’s would be something to see, how they would go about it in a topic of daytime discussion.

And then new laws would have to be established for a new state.. New sanctions.. Guidelines.. it goes on and on from there down to the end of the food chain basically.

So it is on the table for talk as of now and maybe it can happen for Colorado going ‘dutch’ and becoming a “two-part” state so keep your eyes and ears open to learn more..


(Video Credit: ChanLeeHee)



Colorado Might Shed Some Feathers? (51st State)


(By: Jaye Irons)

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