“The Billionaire Doctor Turned Vigilante”


Pic-06102013-006Doctor Miles Hawkins was your average but very wealthy guy and a brilliant researcher as well. Till one day, he decided to be at a ‘certain place’ within a ‘certain time frame‘.

You know this is going to clash with the old saying I was at the right place, but it happened to be the wrong time“. 

Well that is kinda the story right there for Hawkins, he was out and about and the story that lays out the plot to this show is that he gets shot in his spine while trying to save this young girl.

As a result, he becomes paralyzed from the waist down.. Bummer big-time I know.

But not to fear, because I did just say he was a brilliant researcher and I can throw in scientist as well. So what Hawkins decided to do from that point, was to test out an experimental “walking suit“.

This suit is called an exoskeleton and even though he intended his project to be aimed at people who are facing the same disposition as himself, he decides to take his invention to another level and enhance it beyond it’s set capabilities.

Now he also had some friends that was helping him with all of this as well, some come into the story of the t.v. show later.

So I’ll list them out right now his colleagues and friends

  • John Stonebrake– (Came later in the show’s series) He was Hawkins best friend of 20 years and his go to guy to repair any type of techno-gadget on the face of the Earth basically.
  • Taylor Savage- (Came later in the show’s series) A punk kid pretty much and a bike messager, he assists Hawkins also by helping to get information posing as various characters. He is useful in helping Hawkins and Stonebrake to get the inside scoop “the skinny”, on anything or anyone. He sometimes uses the “eyes and ears” of his fellow bike messagers to rely added info to him(they help gather information and share it with him) .
  • Lt. Maxwell- (Came Later in the show’s series) A tough beat Cop, but very easy on the eyes (very pretty). She walks a tough line for justice plain and simple, she thinks Hawkins can’t walk, But she discovers that she was wrong completely after she was instructed to go after the MANTIS and all other cops in the city of Port Columbia also pursued him as well. She finds out that he is Hawkins, but later sees the good he does with the exoskeleton suit and like Commissioner Gordon helps Batman she does the exact same for Hawkins and even gets drawn into him very closely.
  • The Servants (Starred in the beginning before they went off to school in the show’s pilot entry) A pair of African students that assisted Hawkins as he from the moment of becoming paralyzed decided to use the suit to stop the infamous L.A. riotsthat took place back in the early 90’s. He also helped clean up the town’s gang “infestation” problem big-time.

Pic-06102013-007The suit itself is like a systemic neurological suit, that interacts with it’s host that wears it. But it can only work on anybody that is paralyzed, in a later episode Hawkins had a clone made of him by an enemy that was once his friend. 

(Front End Of The Flying Vehicle He Used “The Cystilid”) P.S. don’t quote me on the spelling LOL.

The enemy was another Doctor, and wanted revenge on Hawkins to the “core”, so he made a clone of him and the clone aged 38 years old in a time window of 2 years. 

The evil Doctor even knew about Hawkins’s suit and share details with his clone, so even though the clone can wear the suit like Hawkins it can potentially cause great harm to the clone’s spinal cord that is not damaged or severed.

So simply if the clone would continue to wear the suit, his nervous system would eventually shut-down and he would die. 

Pic-06102013-008And the M.A.N.T.I.S name of the suit has a ‘duel’ meaning. Savage was the one who named him that after seeing the “MANTIS” in action at an underground fight event. But the actual meaning is

  • Mechanically
  • Augmented
  • Neuro
  • Transmitter
  • Interception
  • System

And all that speaks for itself, plus the added touch of the “freeze darts”, that can keep an enemy still until the cops arrive at the scene to take them without well LOL any resistance.

So go ahead click the link below and see him in action..






(By: Jaye Irons)

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