Octomom: Investigated For Welfare Fraud?

Octomom Is Back In The News (But Not For The Limelight Excepted)


Pic-06112013-002Nadya Suleman or better known as the notorious “Octomom”, might really be in over her head as of now. She faces welfare fraud that was brought against her after an investigation that was launched by welfare officials.

So that means right off, did she get more money that she forgot to mention or she just didn’t report to the IRS and you have to factor in the Welfare Fraud Prevention & Investigation (WFP&I).

And that brought up the issue after she reportedly made over $200,000 in gross total earnings, which isn’t the problem but she was still supposedly collecting welfare when she did make the other money which well is a big problem.

So the set limit amount that she can collect the welfare benefits is to be under $120,000. That means if she makes $120,000 or more than she is not supposed to collect the benefits because she is then “ineligible” to do so.

So do the math, she made $200,000 and if you subtract that from $119,000.. Then she would have been over the limit by $81,000. Yea that’s not good, not good at all.

And you know how Uncle Sam is about his money LOL.

And after all that, a warrant was then served to get a hold of Suleman’s employment and financial records, which will be combed over very well I’m sure by investigators to see what is the deal all together if she was fraudulent about her gross earnings over the past year.

Pic-06112013-003Man this girl has been through a lot in a short period of time, especially after she was struggling to take care of her 14 kids.

Then all of the embarrassing porn work she had done, to make the money in the first place. And many didn’t give her a great review when she actually performed in her “debut” filming.

And then the strip tease performance she did, and people tossing dollar bills one by one at her. Yea very embarrassing indeed.

And the killer part about it is that she isn’t good at being a ‘porn star girl’, which just hits below the belt times infinity and beyond… Sorry Buzzlight year had to use that one-liner of yours. 🙂

The other thing to this case also is her manager..

So I’m guessing this is her pornographer manager while she did some porn in her short stitch of time, but whoever her manager is he or she is also facing an investigation as well for all of the money that Suleman had amassed in 2012.


She had also got up to $60,000 in welfare benefits in 12′, then on top of that she went and said that she was going to get off of the ‘welfare system’ and in 13′ she hopped back on that bad boy (Wow Interesting Choice Of Words There).

Then the whole thing with the rehab treatment that she underwent after all of the partying from her porn-filming and strip teasing escapades, and that alone took a big fat Pac-Man” chomp out of the money she had built up which put her almost back to square one.

The previous post I did about her when she was doing the ‘porn gig’ last year, was the one where the Youngturks (An Entertainment Advocate Channel On The Net) had roasted her badly about actually getting into porn and looking gruesome while trying to do it.

I do feel just a little sorry for Suleman. Just a little though.. The kids are the ones that will have to face some serious and damaging ridicule about their mother in their future it will haunt the sh*t out of them for the rest of their lives, and it’s a shame but sometimes that’s just the way the ball bounces..


(Video Credit: Riddle Alexander)


Octomom: Investigated For Welfare Fraud?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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