Apple Finally Smartened Up And Goes For The Kill..

Enter The “Kill Switch” Says Apple To The Thief!


Pic-06132013-001Apple has finally seen the light and at the same time has realized something that they should have come up with a while back, adding a security measure to their popular smart phones.

“Kill Switch” is a feature that will keep thieves in their place, if they so decide to go after your smart phone while in your possession and they happen to catch you off guard.

And in the news a lot of phone theftwas becoming an issue. I heard the stories like a college student that was probing through their smart phone, all of a sudden has it ripped from their hands to see the thief run-away laughing their ass off at you because they have a prize possession of yours.. Your smart phone.

It has been taking place over major cities as well, like at subway stop stations, or even in public bathrooms where someone goes to throw water in their face and wiping the sweat away from the steamy heat outside (Very Humid Day) and after they clear their eyes with a paper towel they see that their phone is missing. Dam just too easy.

So this is why Apple decided to step up their security measure because of situations like this, to pull what will be like a late “April’s Fools” prank on the Pic-06132013-006unsuspecting thief that goes for your phone.

So even if they go for it and take it, LOL they become the victim because the phone will simply go into the “kill switch mode” making it pretty much useless to the thief (Hey Thief How You Like Them Apples?..) haha.

So far Apple has mentioned the new added feature this past Monday at a San Francisco conference, and the time frame that the feature will be added to the Apple smartphone list of features will be in the fall-time.

Now on the survey tip of this about how valuable smartphones like apple’s product can be, puts it in the high 60 billion dollar bracket for sales. Then think about how many that came up stolen a year which is said to be 175 million cellphones, so it can be a wreck in terms of going through the process for the owner that then has to get in contact with their provider to find out what options they can go by to get the phone replaced.

But it’s better if they luck out, and get the phone back if it is retrievable but more likely that will not be the case.

The thief would more and likely just try to sabotage the phone, as an act of revenge because it has a safety feature lock-out like that will keep them from doing anything with it especially if they had planned to pawn your phone for cash.

Craig Federighi a senior vice president of software engineering at apple said that.. “We think this is going to be a really powerful theft deterrent.” – end quote.

And he has a valid point there, because you know what is going to happen next right?

Other cell phones retailers will definitely want to secure their product with the same technology, that will insure the consumer that their private / personal information is fully safeguarded to the max.

So LOL I know this has to “piss-off” thieves even more so now, because they depend on things like this to gain money from quick instead of just doing things the right way to make money.. And that is to get a dam job and stop stealing from others




Apple Finally Smartened Up And Goes For The Kill..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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