Murders Of Katelyn Wolfe Wanted To Kill For Thrill..

Wolfe’s Murders Wanted To Know How It Felt To Kill Her.. 


Pic-06152013-001So here is two life-time friends Randall Crosley,25, and Jordan Buskirk ,26 decided to do the one thing that ranked them on top of the psychotic  premeditated murder list which was constructing a plot to murder 19-year-old Katelyn Wolfe for kicks.

(Wolfe pictured middle, Crosley left / Buskirk right)

Yea these two wanted to know how it would feel to murder somebody, so they picked this girl as their intended target and later she becomes a victim..

This story is rather strange in terms of how it all leads up to Wolfe’s murder, and some of the pieces to the puzzle point to the Facebook” social media platform that police have been searching through for clues as to why or what motives that tie into her case.

So this started out on June 6th, when Wolfe’s family had reported her missing from her residence in Linton, IndianaThe girl would be discovered later in a pool of water, she died from asphyxia.

And before she was found there were discovered texts that she had posted on Facebook, and it had to be exchanged with one of the killers.

So Crosley (One Of Her Killers), was an acquaintance of Wolfe’s. But here is the weird part of the story, she wasn’t to be the intended target at first… So if she wasn’t suppose to be the target, then the question comes up who was?

When people do murder, for whatever reason may be by their on hand. And 9 times out of 10, the rest of the world doesn’t understand why especially in a case like this where they do it for a ‘thrill’ and get off on it. So I’m thinking, maybe they felt that she was an “easy target” because Crosley was already an associate of her’s but that’s what I thinking about on this so far.

They had also planned to bring some items along as well stuff that would be purchased out of a local Spencer’s sex toy shop.

They had the following items..

  1. A 20-pound weight
  2. Rope
  3. Condoms
  4. Handcuffs
  5. Position Restraint Straps
  6. A Butt Plug
  7. Lubrication that Buskirk had in a trunk with the other items just mentioned.

So all in all these two dumbasses, are looking to spend the rest of their lives behind bars I’m pretty dam sure.

But this is just another stupid ass idea that was drummed up on a popular social media platform, that just went way out of hand and now you have a girl’s life taken away from her.

And that is because these two “num-nuts”, were looking for a thrill and a target to have their way with in diabolical fashion, and now they have just destroyed their own lives forever and at the same time ended another which is just senseless.

I just don’t understand why people do things like this, they turn to killing as some type of last resort that gives them a “false satisfaction” of some sorts.

They don’t even think about who they are going kill, and what affects this will have on their family (Both The Killer And The Victim).

This world is just crazy, is all I can say about it..




Murders Of Katelyn Wolfe Wanted To Kill For Thrill..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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