Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012

Tourists Gets The Ride Of Their Life.. If They Live Through It.


Pic-06162013-004Rouge Trip 2012,  is a vehicular video game similar to it’s rival Twisted MetalIt had the concept of combat car / truck battle in large or sometimes small battle arenas, where drivers are not only just trying to demolish each other, but while in the process of destroying each other they are taking on passengers collecting their fair (Money) which makes the game all the more crazy and out of control fun.

Now Rouge Trip didn’t strike me as an over the top type car demolition game like Twisted Metal, but it did have ‘certain’ game qualities that just made it hilarious and overall not a bad game.. Not boring either, I can say that because of all the chaos that take place while driving innocent tourists on a “site seeing field trip” that constantly goes viral beyond belief.

So basically you are a Taxi Driver (They Are Called Auto-mercenaries), that is seeking out to hijack a tourist. While the tourist is riding in your whatever ‘styled’ taxi vehicle (It Could Be Anything From A Elvis Styled Taxi, To A 18-wheeler Goliath Truck), all the while you are not just parading them around just any vacation spots.

The vacation spots are ‘futuristic’, so it’s the year 1998 that the game came out but the things the tourist is seeing is from the year of 2012 which is set for the game’s time plot (Hence The Title Of The Post).


But there is a problem for you if you think you are the only auto-mercenary in town, because you are competing with other drivers to pick up the tourists and get paid while you are driving them around and I didn’t forget to say you are fighting each other for their fair LOL.

(Elvis styled battle vehicle driver “Rock N’ Rule” picture left)

And of course they have different weapons that can be used to obtain passengers (You Steal Their Passengers From Them, But They Can Do The Same To You By Use Of The Ejector Catapult Gadget Every Vehicle Has), and it can go back and forth between other auto-mercenaries until the end result you destroy their vehicle putting them out of commission.

The weapons are some reminisce of Twisted Metal, so you can use stuff like ballistic projectiles, power missiles, homing missiles, ricochets, satellite weapons that can cause electrical damage to another vehicle, you can put up an electromagnetic shield –temporarily– to not take damage from your enemies, the cars can also go into invisible mode –temporarily– which is a direct rip off of Twisted Metal’s gameplay engine if you ask me LOL.

There are others types of attacks or weapons but I’m not going to disclose every last one of them, except each vehicle also gets their own signature ‘special’ attack weapon —specials must recharge after being used–.

So like the 18-wheel Truck vehicle I remember had a long-range flamethrower, I think that truck is a boss character because with that weapon he can do massive damage if you are caught in it’s path. 

But you can use your electromagnetic shield, to keep your protected for a short while then it has to recharge in order for you to use it again. So another way to avoid an attack like that is rather simple, just drive like a maniac and dodge left and right or drive in circles yea?? That should work (Just Take A Look At Chicago’s Rush Hour Traffic, If You Think That Way While Playing Then This Game Is A Piece Of Cake To Beat LOL).

And also the money that you gain through all of the levels, can be applied to your vehicle of choice and make it better nad more effective to your liking 🙂 .

Ah yea the main big man to beat in the game was, BIG DADDY.. 

So I’ll lay out a track for you to listen to and some game-play as well enjoy.. Ah yea Happy Father’s Day!


(Main Menu: Rouge Trip 2012 intro music)


(“The Maul” level featuring Big Daddy’s music track)


(Video Credit: Belpowerslave)



Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012


(By: Jaye Irons)

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